February 8, 2020
National March
Activists marched through Washington DC and demonstrated at the Capitol Building in support of national sovereignty, and the collective liberty of the American people. The march extended from northern Arlington, Virginia across the Potomac River, past the Lincoln Memorial, under the Washington Monument, up the length of the National Mall, and concluded at the Capitol Building. Antinationals had alerted the police in an ultimately futile attempt to silence the demonstration, and heckled the activists sporadically, to no effect. Police attempted, at several points, to block off the march from reaching its desired location before finally being forced to recognize the rightful liberty being exercised. An action such as this is more than the demonstration of an ideal. It is the physical manifestation of the nation's will crying out for justice amidst a tyrannized world, and those who have made themselves vessels for its voice. Carrying our banner across what was once a prosperous example of America's sovereignty is a reminder that the torch, while dimmed, is not extinguished. The International State governs over the American people. It is a vast collection of competing nationalities squabbling in their impoverished squalor for the vapid attention of the favored few, dolling out meager pittance whenever one collective grows excessively troublesome. This is the most nightmarish form of tyranny. The tyranny of imperialism and misrepresentative governance. The national government is dead, and the International State killed it. Through the importation of foreign masses, to the destruction of the nation's social and economic defenses, to the expansion of materialistic ideologies and the attacks on the American family, the International State has sought to dilute and dissolve the nation into a boiling pot of alien peoples for the sake of political profiteering. Citizenship and nationhood were once synonymous, but are now entirely divorced in meaning. The International State may claim the whole world as citizens tomorrow, yet it would not make them American. The government could rain endless tons of paperwork onto the deserts and swamps of foreign continents, and Americans would not sprout from these alien lands. We are sold this false notion of freedom every day by those who tarnish the graves of our ancestors with every additional lie. They give you more screens which only show you a placating feed of indoctrinating media. They will hand you more outlets to speak from, but there will be no one listening. You may cast more and more ballots, but none that will bring about change. You may purchase more material distractions, while oligarchs may purchase your unwilling future. This is the only result of a class of unaccountable, innumerable petty tyrants seeking their own putrid slice of power at the expense of all else. The left and right wings connect to the same vulture picking at America's carcass. The only path left to us is made all the clearer by the gravity of our circumstance. The struggle for the nation's life and liberty is waged for so simple a reason that it may be overlooked. As long as our nation lives, it must be free. As long as our people are one, they may claim victory over the forces that seek to dissolve them. This is not an idle liberty we lay claim to. Our liberty, our collective liberty, is not to be won and forgotten like the ill-defined liberties of vapid political stooges. It is the embodiment of the nation's will given the strength to manifest itself, through the actions of its most faithful adherents. Patriotism is not manufactured, it is born of the people of our nation in distress. So long as the nation lives, so long as there is territory within humanity that bears the name America, there will be patriots giving their life to the fight for those most inalienable rights to our collective liberty, and national sovereignty.
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February 1, 2020
Activists demonstrated at Purdue Pharma in Stamford, Connecticut in defiance of the chemical subjugation of the American people, and the plutocratic predation on the nation's vulnerable. Attacks on our nation do not always present themselves with the clarity seen in those that come from the politician's pen, the police's baton, or the foreigner's knife. The most insidious slights against our people are those that remain unnoticed, quietly corrupting, just under the surface. Collective liberty does not lie in the freedom to be fed ensnaring poisons, but the liberty from this weaponized plague. On one hand, the so-called public interests will stoke the fires of despair and dispossess Americans, and on the other, the private interests will extend their venomous tendrils to trap the ailing masses. Those in power wield their injustices with such reckless abandon that, were it not for the entrapment of chemical vice strangling the people, the revolution that would displace and replace them would have already come and gone. Vice is pressed onto the nation's hopeful as a way to blind them to the ongoing tragedy facing America. The vision of a nation once willing and able to rise to its own defenses has been clouded in servitude to substance. The state's prominent figures are so detestable that they cannot obtain any echo of legitimate support, so the chosen tactic is to exploit that which makes us both capable of virtue yet vulnerable to vice. These vipers do not only destroy the lives and communities they infect with their vile grip, they destroy the very notion of humanity itself which ought to grow prosperous from the places from which it is now absent. The results of this affront to humanity are not only the vast garnering of profit, or the purchase of political legitimacy given over to blood steeped hands, but the degradation of the spirit of the nation as a whole. Purpose, value, and all aspects of common virtue are sacrificed upon the hellish altar of industrialized addiction. Ideal constituents to the system desired by these profiteers are nothing more than husks where once were men. Inhuman measures are taken for the ultimate purpose of extending the unnatural lifespan of a status quo long overdue to be shattered and discarded. Men with the strength of conviction to cleanse themselves of vice will make themselves unfit to be the biddable slaves favored the corporate plutocracy.
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January 29, 2020
Activists participated in pro-life marches in Chicago, Illinois and Washington D.C. in a third annual and second annual action respectively. The activists handed out thousands of flyers, and were met amicably by the rallygoers who have become familiar with their efforts during the preceding years. The family is the strongest and most integral component of interpersonal identity which forms the building blocks of nations. If the nation is a building, the family is the brick. All individuals are invariably members of families due to the bindings of natural law, and families themselves must form the foundations for communities, which in turn unite to form the nation. Because of the family's fundamental role in the stability and prosperity of the nation, it was the first to bear the burden of assault waged by the forces of internationalist tyranny. The loyalties of Americans would be redirected by these corrupting forces from the natural, to the artificial. Where a man would once be loyal to his family, community, and nation, those wielding the imperialistic cudgel would replace his loyalties with artificial aspects controlled by the politician, the celebrity, and the boss. To detach the nation from its natural bindings is a hellish stepping stone on the path to dissolving it entirely, and then enacting its erasure from memory itself. If a man cannot give his loyalties to the natural anchors of identity, he will give them to the artificial imitations given to him. By means of financial, social, or political tyranny are barriers placed between Americans and the places their true loyalties ought to lie. The politician will peddle a materialistic platform that energizes its base while it instigates a deep moral decay. The celebrity will sell a vapid brand that replaces and corrupts the components of the spirit that belong elsewhere. The boss will fabricate a lie in which the earnings of work are not themselves given value by the method they are gained through, and the purpose which decides their destination. The collective liberty of the people can only be maintained and upheld if the collectives that encompass the national entity are themselves maintained. The individual must be strengthened and given purpose to create the family, which must cooperate with others to establish a community, and the unity of this newly reborn nation will be the staging grounds for the sovereignty and liberty necessary to reach our American destiny.
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January 6, 2020
Activists placed over thirty banners in Virginia, Texas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Ohio, California, Washington, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah. Collective liberty is the most valuable and necessary form of liberty. Without collective liberty, all other forms of individual liberty are irrational fantasies. The collective of the nation, or the community in some cases, must be able to exercise collective liberty from forces which seek to harm it. The right for a collective to exist, and assert the state of that existence, remains paramount in comparison to the right of an individual to forego their duty to their natural collective of family, community, and nation. Collective action is necessary to ensure collective accomplishment. Every effort in furtherance of the goals of national sovereignty is a testament to the existence of the nation's continued fight for life itself. No collective of men should exist without liberty to temper their union, and union to balance out their liberty. The ideals of social duty and personal liberty cannot exist in isolation. Only together can they create an order worth sustaining. To uphold personal liberty at the expense of societal duty is to seek the dissolution of the nation. The people, if only motivated by self interest, will be torn apart by their opponents from within and without because the spirit only moved by greed cannot conquer tyranny. It can only replace it. To uphold social duty at the expense of personal liberty is to deny the inherent value in the enacting of that duty. The health of the social collective relies upon the liberty to pursue it. Without collective liberty at once being assured, any amount of personal liberty will be extinguished. Thus it is the case that the nation must be bound together in the defense of the ideals and interests it shares as a whole before all else.
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November 30, 2019
Activists completed a tour across five European nations in November of 2019. Members of foreign nationalist organizations were greeted and mutual information exchanged on the comparable elements of our national causes. The activists participated in marches celebrating independence in several nations, and a variety of other activism throughout the continent. Patriotism, at its core, contains a deep reverence for national sovereignty. So deep is this component rooted that it does not cease to stretch beyond our own nation's limits of homogeneity. This respect applies in a universal context, and lends legitimacy to the virtuous causes of all those seeking national sovereignty and collective liberty. Whereas conquest and dissolution is the credo of the new age's financial imperialism, sovereign respect and nationalistic solidarity form a pillar upholding the people's cause. Peace and prosperity can only come to America if the forces denying it are overcome. Internationalism, imperialism, and cultural commodification bring about the most despicable forms of tyranny wherein the native peoples of a land are seen as less of a cherished cornerstone of governmental legitimacy, and more of an obstacle in the way of an endless pursuit of materialistic conquest. A world of nation states bearing the fruits of their national causes is more peaceful and prosperous than a world of degenerating and ever-at-odds international states which exist solely to fulfill the glorified practice of resource laundering at the expense of the humanity of their constituency. This effort comes with the knowledge that the patriot's cause is unique to each nation, and none but our own can make our revolutionary tradition manifest as it must be. Struggles to shatter the shackles of internationalism must be waged in each nation as their own, yet the opponent in tyranny will always be the same. Each embattled people raises their own banner to conquer the perennial enemies of the nation and the spirit. The patriot's ideals must always rise out of his nation, and never in spite of it. The responsibility to reclaim the sovereignty and liberty of America can only come alongside the strength to free the nation from its current turmoil.
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