January 29, 2020
Activists participated in pro-life marches in Chicago, Illinois and Washington D.C. in a third annual and second annual action respectively. The activists handed out thousands of flyers, and were met amicably by the rallygoers who have become familiar with their efforts during the preceding years. The family is the strongest and most integral component of interpersonal identity which forms the building blocks of nations. If the nation is a building, the family is the brick. All individuals are invariably members of families due to the bindings of natural law, and families themselves must form the foundations for communities, which in turn unite to form the nation. Because of the family's fundamental role in the stability and prosperity of the nation, it was the first to bear the burden of assault waged by the forces of internationalist tyranny. The loyalties of Americans would be redirected by these corrupting forces from the natural, to the artificial. Where a man would once be loyal to his family, community, and nation, those wielding the imperialistic cudgel would replace his loyalties with artificial aspects controlled by the politician, the celebrity, and the boss. To detach the nation from its natural bindings is a hellish stepping stone on the path to dissolving it entirely, and then enacting its erasure from memory itself. If a man cannot give his loyalties to the natural anchors of identity, he will give them to the artificial imitations given to him. By means of financial, social, or political tyranny are barriers placed between Americans and the places their true loyalties ought to lie. The politician will peddle a materialistic platform that energizes its base while it instigates a deep moral decay. The celebrity will sell a vapid brand that replaces and corrupts the components of the spirit that belong elsewhere. The boss will fabricate a lie in which the earnings of work are not themselves given value by the method they are gained through, and the purpose which decides their destination. The collective liberty of the people can only be maintained and upheld if the collectives that encompass the national entity are themselves maintained. The individual must be strengthened and given purpose to create the family, which must cooperate with others to establish a community, and the unity of this newly reborn nation will be the staging grounds for the sovereignty and liberty necessary to reach our American destiny.
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January 6, 2020
Activists placed over thirty banners in Virginia, Texas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Ohio, California, Washington, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah. Collective liberty is the most valuable and necessary form of liberty. Without collective liberty, all other forms of individual liberty are irrational fantasies. The collective of the nation, or the community in some cases, must be able to exercise collective liberty from forces which seek to harm it. The right for a collective to exist, and assert the state of that existence, remains paramount in comparison to the right of an individual to forego their duty to their natural collective of family, community, and nation. Collective action is necessary to ensure collective accomplishment. Every effort in furtherance of the goals of national sovereignty is a testament to the existence of the nation's continued fight for life itself. No collective of men should exist without liberty to temper their union, and union to balance out their liberty. The ideals of social duty and personal liberty cannot exist in isolation. Only together can they create an order worth sustaining. To uphold personal liberty at the expense of societal duty is to seek the dissolution of the nation. The people, if only motivated by self interest, will be torn apart by their opponents from within and without because the spirit only moved by greed cannot conquer tyranny. It can only replace it. To uphold social duty at the expense of personal liberty is to deny the inherent value in the enacting of that duty. The health of the social collective relies upon the liberty to pursue it. Without collective liberty at once being assured, any amount of personal liberty will be extinguished. Thus it is the case that the nation must be bound together in the defense of the ideals and interests it shares as a whole before all else.
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November 30, 2019
Activists completed a tour across five European nations in November of 2019. Members of foreign nationalist organizations were greeted and mutual information exchanged on the comparable elements of our national causes. The activists participated in marches celebrating independence in several nations, and a variety of other activism throughout the continent. Patriotism, at its core, contains a deep reverence for national sovereignty. So deep is this component rooted that it does not cease to stretch beyond our own nation's limits of homogeneity. This respect applies in a universal context, and lends legitimacy to the virtuous causes of all those seeking national sovereignty and collective liberty. Whereas conquest and dissolution is the credo of the new age's financial imperialism, sovereign respect and nationalistic solidarity form a pillar upholding the people's cause. Peace and prosperity can only come to America if the forces denying it are overcome. Internationalism, imperialism, and cultural commodification bring about the most despicable forms of tyranny wherein the native peoples of a land are seen as less of a cherished cornerstone of governmental legitimacy, and more of an obstacle in the way of an endless pursuit of materialistic conquest. A world of nation states bearing the fruits of their national causes is more peaceful and prosperous than a world of degenerating and ever-at-odds international states which exist solely to fulfill the glorified practice of resource laundering at the expense of the humanity of their constituency. This effort comes with the knowledge that the patriot's cause is unique to each nation, and none but our own can make our revolutionary tradition manifest as it must be. Struggles to shatter the shackles of internationalism must be waged in each nation as their own, yet the opponent in tyranny will always be the same. Each embattled people raises their own banner to conquer the perennial enemies of the nation and the spirit. The patriot's ideals must always rise out of his nation, and never in spite of it. The responsibility to reclaim the sovereignty and liberty of America can only come alongside the strength to free the nation from its current turmoil.
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November 28, 2019
There is no future in the unjust union between a subjugator state and a subjugated nation. No rightful law can be passed through a system so fully and absolutely rotten. No amends can be made so long as tyranny reigns. Every attempt will be made to coax and ease America into a premature grave, and Americans must respond with the same revolutionary passion that made them a nation. Millions of lives have been lessened, and tens of thousands more extinguished by the barbaric, and inhumanly cruel actions of the international state. No end to this social slaughter will come into view until the shackles are broken. We pledge no terms with tyrants, who will only offer lighter chains around the necks of the nation's faithful. The powerful and evil have already declared war on the very existence of nations. The diminution of the very notion of sovereignty is owed to their hands. Any step back from the principles of national independence made from this point onward insult the freshly interred bodies of every countryman whose life has been cut short by this degraded order. All under the yoke of the international state are fed a lie of liberty. The choices laid out in the contemporary democracy are at best an illusion, and at worst a devious deception. What we bear witness to is the freedom of misinformed masses to choose what has already been chosen for them. The so called liberty is to decide the color of the boot on the neck of America, or which foreign tongue will be spoken by the next caravan of rampaging invaders. This is no freedom worth the name. This is slavery with a greater complexity. This nation found birth in the storm of revolution against the monarchies of the old world, and the same forces of despotism with the lingering vices of the corrupt have reemerged under new guise to rob Americans of their right to exist at all. It is not mere coincidence that our nation must be targeted so singularly for dissolution. It is because within the American Spirit lies the flame which can rekindle the passion for a great and ferocious collective liberty which must rage again as an inferno in the minds of patriots. No article of wealth or item of property is so valuable that it can be clung to at the expense of sovereignty. If the comforts of the transitory are held above the perennial ideals of nationhood, our posterity will curse us with the last gasp of America's voice, and rightly so. Life is valuable because it is an opportunity, and given the immense opportunity of our age, bold actions are the only justified response to bold circumstances. So there is nothing left to do but enact a brave resistance. Not for any reasoning which could be called complex by a modest standard, but for the most basic truth that evil cannot reign unopposed. The methods of this resistance are of lesser importance than the motives from which they are drawn from and rely. This fight is a great battle waged on a spiritual plane, with means far outside the traditional. Territory is not measured in swathes of soil, but in the hearts of men. No man with sanity or integrity can justly claim that the current order is built upon honest foundations. That it is a towering monument to the excesses of man is undeniable. No one can say that immense change is not barreling over the horizon, ready to break open the gates of the new world. The only contest of our generation is where this change will lead, not whether or not it will arrive. We choose to conquer this great opportunity of vast change, and wrestle our destiny from the jaws of tyrants.
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July 31, 2019
Activists confronted an Anarchist Book Fair in Denton, Texas. The gathering hosted a wide range of opponents to the nation's existence, and the existence of its people. Those engaged in the distribution of propaganda at the event spread contempt for the very notions of sovereignty, national self determination, and collective liberty. Activists approached the establishment in force, outnumbering the Anarchists inside, causing those few of them outside the building to flee indoors where they made loud claims of private property ownership, and invoked the authority of the corrupt state in an attempt to disperse the activists before the demonstration had concluded. The police were disappointed on their arrival, however, finding no patriots to enact their injustice upon in appeal to their hostile paymasters. Long gone are the days of weak-willed opposition to those who wish nothing less than the complete destruction of America, and its erasure from history. The American people deserve a voice which will meet those decrying their existence in the public space. The nation's future is not to be ground beneath the boot of materialistic production in service of some global delusion. The media and the politicians will continue to lie on behalf of their degenerate political enforcers in a feeble attempt to silence the burgeoning voice of the nation's revolutionary tradition. On this night, as many others, the slander and distortions of truth failed absolutely to deter those who carry the torch of their ancestor's vindication.
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