July 31, 2019
Activists confronted an Anarchist Book Fair in Denton, Texas. The gathering hosted a wide range of opponents to the nation's existence, and the existence of its people. Those engaged in the distribution of propaganda at the event spread contempt for the very notions of sovereignty, national self determination, and collective liberty. Activists approached the establishment in force, outnumbering the Anarchists inside, causing those few of them outside the building to flee indoors where they made loud claims of private property ownership, and invoked the authority of the corrupt state in an attempt to disperse the activists before the demonstration had concluded. The police were disappointed on their arrival, however, finding no patriots to enact their injustice upon in appeal to their hostile paymasters. Long gone are the days of weak-willed opposition to those who wish nothing less than the complete destruction of America, and its erasure from history. The American people deserve a voice which will meet those decrying their existence in the public space. The nation's future is not to be ground beneath the boot of materialistic production in service of some global delusion. The media and the politicians will continue to lie on behalf of their degenerate political enforcers in a feeble attempt to silence the burgeoning voice of the nation's revolutionary tradition. On this night, as many others, the slander and distortions of truth failed absolutely to deter those who carry the torch of their ancestor's vindication.
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July 6, 2019
A Declaration of Resistance
Activists demonstrated at the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown, Massachusetts in commemoration of national independence, and in a declaration of resistance against tyranny. The greatest way to honor America's revolutionary tradition is not with softly spoken words, or muttered protests to the nation's dissolution. Only through deeds and action can patriots claim true descendance from those to which we owe our sacred past. Not since the days of America's first collective actions against tyranny has the clarion call of America's revolutionary doctrine been so well heard on the steps of the monument bathed in a red glare. Lies and slander erupt from the corrupted voices in the false press, and the financial puppets in the Boston government unworthy of the blood-stained soil they desecrate with their unrighteous governance. Bureaucrats masquerading as legitimate officials preside over a nearly identical tyranny to that which first stirred the hearts of patriots in defiance, yet mistakenly claim to protect the lineage they disrespect with every day that passes. Patriotism is loyalty to the nation and its people, and without exception presents absolute opposition to the dictations of an international tyranny such as the one facing Americans today.
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June 27, 2019
Remembering Liberty
Activists demonstrated in Grafton, Wisconsin and Washington D.C. in remembrance of the USS Liberty on the 52nd anniversary of its attack by the State of Israel. The murder of Americans on this day is but one example of the countless acts of betrayal seen from the State of Israel and America's other so-called allies. Foreign elements within our government are free to murder Americans, and then remove the rights of those who speak out in rebellion. The life of our nation was not meant to be doled out to the highest bidder. The vicious attack is a longstanding reminder of the perils of the foreign entanglements in which the State finds itself firmly in the tendrils of. The youth of America are thrown around the globe in a transaction where the government sells the people's sovereignty for influence and political maneuvers. The knotted ties of Israel's vast web of enemies have all been turned against the American people for the crimes of a government in which they are no longer represented. Each month brings with it a new enemy which must be toppled, destroyed, or denounced in the name of an increasingly absent global stability. International Zionism has intimidated, coerced, and bribed the once-American government into an all-too-willing lapdog of Israel's corrupting influences. While American politicians vow allegiance to a people most foreign from those of the nation, American interests are forgotten or suppressed. The revolutionary revival of America's spirit must shatter the careless, degrading loyalties of America's forlorn representatives, and hold accountable those who have spent the lives of Americans as if they were currency in their foreign conflicts for foreign peoples and lands. The terror and tyranny which meets those faithful to the nation will be overcome. Never again will we submit our lives to foreign command. Never again will our nation lie in the hands of vengeful, international forces. Never will we forget the scores of American men who died in foreign lands at the order of the corrupt. American lives will no longer be the disposable currency of Israel and its international Jewish lobbies. In defiance we stand against any conflict which serves others before our own.
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May 27, 2019
Shrouded History
Activists demonstrated at the former site of the Silent Sam Memorial in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and at the contested Confederate Memorial in Dallas, Texas. Prior to the action in Dallas, activists removed the tarps and coverings shrouding the monument from view. Police, evidently rearranging their priorities, ignored the dealings of the criminal elements within the city to investigate why American men would wish to protest a corrupt government disgracing the memorials of their fathers. The corrupt-to-the-core officials in the city councils and campus institutions who have long watched their communities rot under mob rule, suddenly lurched to action to silence the patriots. America's history is rife with conflict. The sovereignty of Americans, as a people, has been threatened again and again by foreign empires and nations, invading armies, scheming plutocrats, and now the very government which was built for the sole purpose of protecting the people it currently seeks to dissolve. The war between brothers that inspired these monuments to our nation's bravest and most courageous men remains an unequivocal tragedy. Wherever American life is spent without warrant, manipulating forces can be found reaping their dreadful harvest. The battling machinations between agricultural and industrial elites, which sent the best of the nation to blood-soaked fields of their heartland in pursuit of some fruitless economic advantage presents the largest impetus for the destructive war within the nation. Those of a deracinated aristocracy sought to protect their investments and monopolies at the expense of the unity of the people who they depended on, and should have rightly been at the mercy of. Politicians cowered and wavered in the face of the challenges offered by the century, and traded the destiny of their children for meaningless attempts at reelection. All the while the descendants of the same settlers, explorers, and pioneers drew rifles on their fellow countrymen at the order of those who let greed, control, and senseless ideals threaten the unity of the people and their state. Globally minded institutions traded sovereignty for profit with the importation of a foreign labor force seemingly incapable of the revolt which would have met them had they attempted similar methods of total control upon Americans themselves. Whereas one side allowed the allure of economic independence through exploited labor to cloud proper judgement, the other allowed a corrupting elite to foster a dangerous set of ideals to threaten their own. All the while the honest and virtuous of the nation undivided paid the price for their failures as leaders, attempting to fight alongside anyone who embodied the people's cause. These monuments must be remembered as anchors to an identity purchased in centuries of struggle. Unless this is done, leaders of the very same stripe will once again threaten America's destiny, divide the people's identity, and steal the nation's sovereignty.
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May 15, 2019
The Hands of Greed
Activists demonstrated in front of the state capitol building in Salt Lake City, Utah in support of national sovereignty, and in opposition to a government ruled by those unwilling or unable to serve the national interest. When presented with the peril that threatens our national way of life, many Americans with positions of power will only oppose these existential threats with as much or as little strength as their money allows them to. The horizons of each politician acting in this way are firmly anchored to their next paycheck, or the next election cycle. The life of the nation, its immortal spirit, is something which they are completely blind to as slaves to their material function. The goal of these weak willed, so-called representatives is not to fix the problems that threaten the nation, but to energize their voters again and again with the fragile promise of doing so. All of this will be done to conserve the status quo of decay and decline, while those most harmed by the processes of this injustice unwittingly line the pockets of those they looked towards to save them. The devolution of a governing body which selects those with a greater desire to defend their investments rather than their people has undermined the very purpose that it was created for. The political class festers in the open wound of a government that no longer deserves the title of American. A rightful replacement and rejection of this treasonous class must take place for Americans to begin the process of creating an American destiny. Outside of the corrupted halls of governance, or the voting booth facades of popular control, deeds weigh more than words. Those faithful to their nation, and its immortal spirit, have taken up the task of action; action in the face of inaction, action to overcome talk. Deeds which will separate those who claim to fight for the nation and those who will save it. What the revival of America's spirit brings is the rejection of those who hijack the people's revolutionary impetus to suit the ends of greed and self interest. A new generation of patriotic youth is hammering at the doors of a new world, and no sum of money will deter them.
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