The Hands of Greed

Posted Posted in Action Activists demonstrated in front of the state capitol building in Salt Lake City, Utah in support of national sovereignty, and in opposition to a government ruled by those unwilling or unable to serve the national interest. When presented with the peril that threatens our national way of life, many Americans with positions of power […]

Debts of Blood

Posted Posted in Action Activists demonstrated at AIPAC offices and Israeli consulates around the country to advocate for national sovereignty, and to oppose the institutions betraying the interests of Americans. Mercenary enforcers of the state’s will sought to prevent activists from making their voice heard, and opposed the actions of patriots at every step. During the series of […]

Politics of Brotherhood

Posted Posted in Action Activists engaged in a series of outdoor actions including hiking, camping, sparring, cleaning up litter, and other forms of physical improvement and community building. The politics embodied by those willing to further the nation’s cause of sovereignty no doubt make one a radical in the contemporary context. It has become radical for a man […]

Revolutionary Tradition

Posted Posted in Action Activists visited the cemetery of revolutionary war spies to pay their respects to their efforts in support of national sovereignty. The Culper Ring was a band of spies serving the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, who operated within British-Occupied New York to give vital information which led to the reclamation of the city […]

Defiant Actions

Posted Posted in Action Activists placed banners in Minnesota, New York, Utah, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, Vermont and Massachusetts over the course of 36 hours. This coordinated effort represents a call to action for all those faithful to the nation, and demonstrates the untapped potential of a national collective mobilized in defense of its liberty. […]