November 12, 2018
Veterans of Fruitless Wars
From America's founding onward, history has been driven by the brave and courageous, willing to sacrifice everything in pursuit of a brighter future for their posterity. Today is the day to remember these brave Americans, and resent those who continue to send them to die for any cause but the cause of the nation. Wars fought for the greedy benefit of plutocratic interests, and wars fought in the noble pursuit of sovereignty have one common denominator in the men who fought them. Rarely, if ever, is it seen for a politician to brandish a rifle in support of his cause. For the wars waged for the purpose of sovereignty, and the securing of an American homeland, the day is a day to remember the accomplishments of the men who fought to secure such things to be enjoyed and preserved by future generations. For the wars waged to line the pockets of the corrupt, those conflicts which saw the exploitation of patriotism in the most traitorous ways, the day is a day to remember the tragic loss of life and liberty seen as a result of these conflicts. That is not enough, however, because it must also be a day to pledge absolute and fanatical opposition to all those who would exploit the nation, and its people, to suit their own private ends at the expense of the national collective.War being the brutal but necessary act that it is, any conflict taken to without the complete assurance that it is done for the benefit of the people, who stand to lose so much, is an act of treason unparalleled by the myriad of other crimes carried out by the supposedly elected leaders of America's floundering bureaucracy. Unless those faithful to their nation and their future take action to end these fruitless wars, the best and brightest of the nation will continue to be cut down in the far corners of the world absent any benefit to the families, communities, or the nation they left behind. Activists nationwide paid their respects in various ways at the monuments and memorials which dot the American landscape. All of this in the purpose of making certain that the next monuments erected shall honor Americans who fought for their people's right to determine their future against all those who would deny it.
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July 28, 2018
Occupying The Occupants
Activists confronted assorted enemies of the nation which had created a makeshift campsite outside of an ICE detention facility to impede the efforts of officers seeking to process and deport criminal aliens from the country. It is no surprise that one of the few wings of government left that provide tangible benefit to the nation would be under such direct assault by those who would see America turn into a continent-spanning slum. The crass calls for freedom by these would-be revolutionaries amount to nothing more than a desire to be free from order and civilization, and to be given to vice and corruption. Patriots nationwide stand testament to the fact that the time has passed where chaos will stand unopposed.
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July 23, 2018
Patriotic Renovation
Activists altered the message of a billboard in Tacoma, Washington. The sign was erected in response to the continued push for national sovereignty by activists both in Washington and nationwide. The billboard's original message stood as a vulgar attack on freedom of speech, and ultimately suggested that Americans side with criminal invaders over patriots, and members of the nation at large. Such a statement could not be left unopposed.
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July 10, 2018
Borders and Nations
Activists visited the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington to show their support for the actions taken by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to secure America's sovereignty by sustaining and creating border security. While the work done by the section of government is worthy of some level of praise, it must be noted that the measures needed to fully and absolutely secure the right of Americans to determine their own destiny dwarf those seen from the current powers at be.With the current situation in mind, acknowledgement of the good being done deserves to be placed along demands for the American government to realize its natural role in ensuring the security and prosperity of the nation. If the government can no longer serve the interests of its people, the nation will look to its own to replace those that are responsible.
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June 14, 2018
In Remembrance of Liberty
A ctivists demonstrated at the United States Navy Memorial in Washington D.C. on the 51st anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty by the State of Israel. The attack occurred on the 8th of June, in 1967. Wave after wave of Israeli fighter jets, and a fusillade of torpedoes from Israeli boats left 34 Americans dead, and over 170 wounded. The incident has never received proper investigation, nor publicity, since its occurrence. The media and the State have chosen deliberately to hold their forked tongues on the matter for over half a century. Questions abound as to what the true purpose of the attack was. Many theories exist, many of which are likely more correct than they are false. However, the crux of the issue is that Americans died at the hands of a foreign nation which has never felt retaliation or had recompense demanded of them. Because of the encompassing influence of the international Jewish lobby within the American government, the State of Israel has occupied a position of near-infallibility in the eyes of America's appointed officials, as well as the media's talking heads. Let not the scores of Americans killed in foreign wars at the behest of Israel's advisers be forgotten, either. The Liberty was subject to a tragedy where America's foreign entanglements were boiled to simplicity. Elsewhere Americans are killed by propped up rebel factions, faux guerrilla forces, and governmental puppets all the same. In June of 1967, the world had a chance to see the perpetrators behind the usual mask.
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