May 15, 2019
The Hands of Greed
Activists demonstrated in front of the state capitol building in Salt Lake City, Utah in support of national sovereignty, and in opposition to a government ruled by those unwilling or unable to serve the national interest. When presented with the peril that threatens our national way of life, many Americans with positions of power will only oppose these existential threats with as much or as little strength as their money allows them to. The horizons of each politician acting in this way are firmly anchored to their next paycheck, or the next election cycle. The life of the nation, its immortal spirit, is something which they are completely blind to as slaves to their material function. The goal of these weak willed, so-called representatives is not to fix the problems that threaten the nation, but to energize their voters again and again with the fragile promise of doing so. All of this will be done to conserve the status quo of decay and decline, while those most harmed by the processes of this injustice unwittingly line the pockets of those they looked towards to save them. The devolution of a governing body which selects those with a greater desire to defend their investments rather than their people has undermined the very purpose that it was created for. The political class festers in the open wound of a government that no longer deserves the title of American. A rightful replacement and rejection of this treasonous class must take place for Americans to begin the process of creating an American destiny. Outside of the corrupted halls of governance, or the voting booth facades of popular control, deeds weigh more than words. Those faithful to their nation, and its immortal spirit, have taken up the task of action; action in the face of inaction, action to overcome talk. Deeds which will separate those who claim to fight for the nation and those who will save it. What the revival of America's spirit brings is the rejection of those who hijack the people's revolutionary impetus to suit the ends of greed and self interest. A new generation of patriotic youth is hammering at the doors of a new world, and no sum of money will deter them.
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April 7, 2019
Debts of Blood
Activists demonstrated at AIPAC offices and Israeli consulates around the country to advocate for national sovereignty, and to oppose the institutions betraying the interests of Americans. Mercenary enforcers of the state’s will sought to prevent activists from making their voice heard, and opposed the actions of patriots at every step. During the series of actions, police mobilized to harass and intimidate activists with the goal of preventing any speech critical of the foreign influence weighing heavily on the nation. Any doubt still existing to the stranglehold with which the Zionist lobbies grip the state was put soundly to rest with the pushback exhibited by the government’s porcine correctors. The revolutionary ideals of the nation’s cause present an existential threat to the efforts of those usurping America’s prosperity to suit their ends. For far too long has the voice of the nation been silent in the face of the ruthless intimidation which meets those calling attention to the misdeeds of the international Zionist mob. No foreign interest or power with control over the lives of Americans will go unopposed in the pursuit of collective liberty. The lies of corrupted media and controlled politicians are worthless to those resolved to speak truth to tyrants. The American state is mired in a vast swamp of competing foreign influences who have found America's so-called representatives to be spineless fools for purchase. The government is pulled in nearly every direction by these forces from abroad and from within. Zionism has become one of the loudest voices in this alien shouting match for control of the resources once reserved for an American posterity. Nearly every suit-clad criminal acting as a rootless mercenary to the state can be found either in complete and unquestioning advocacy for Zionist causes, or terrified into utter silence in the face of the myriad injustices stemming from their efforts. The countless billions spent in pursuit of Zionist wars abroad, the immeasurably immense purchase of political representation, and the demonization of Americans brave enough to stand up and question why are all stark indications that this is no movement that the people stand to gain from. Instead, these internationalist lobbies are an encompassing weight that blockades the nation's cause from once again being the central focus of America's governing body. To be a patriot one must embrace the defense of their people against all forces which may seek to lead them astray. No extranational recipient of any aid or assistance should be given immunity from the watchful eyes of the people. It is not those intimidated into silence to whom the future belongs. The tasks of the future that the nation must bear demand bravery and wholehearted, unwavering opposition to all forces which do not seek the best interest of the nation.
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March 17, 2019
Politics of Brotherhood
Activists engaged in a series of outdoor actions including hiking, camping, sparring, cleaning up litter, and other forms of physical improvement and community building. The politics embodied by those willing to further the nation's cause of sovereignty no doubt make one a radical in the contemporary context. It has become radical for a man to seek something so simple and innate as self determination for his people. It has become radical for a man to seek brotherhood and shared struggle among those who face the same threat to their collective liberty. However, it is certain that when one's vision is expanded to the greater history of the nation, the truth will show itself. This truth is that those seeking sovereignty, those that look to the material distractions and comfortable submission of modern society and cry out that truthful hardship is more noble than deluded comfort, are the torchbearers of a cause as old as their nation itself. America was founded in revolution and in conquest. The nation was given life through those who did not fear being radical, or being branded as unconventional breakers of the status quo. Those willing to oppose the forces seeking to rip the future from the hands of Americans, and condemn millions yet unborn to an inescapable fate carry with them a desire to improve and fortify themselves, and their brothers, to better facilitate their national advocacy. Our activists will continue to be a growing example of the dynamism offered through revolutionary passion. Under a tyranny which seeks to mislead, misinform, and mistreat the youth of our nation, it is no contest that the vitality of nationhood will claim victory over the decadent dysfunction of a dishonest, occupational government.
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February 9, 2019
Revolutionary Tradition
Activists visited the cemetery of revolutionary war spies to pay their respects to their efforts in support of national sovereignty. The Culper Ring was a band of spies serving the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, who operated within British-Occupied New York to give vital information which led to the reclamation of the city by American forces. Value lies within the parallels of our struggles separated by time, but not by ideal. Now, more than ever, we must honor the revolutionary tradition that has been so tragically shorn from the national conscious in favor of a malignant submission to the status quo of dispossession, and decadence. The future will not be shaped by those contemplating half measures and compromises with tyrants, but by those who fully reject their theft of the nation's destiny. Our forebears knew that any government which dictates a people which do not have representation in it is unjust. Our government shows no desire to actualize the will of the nation, as its so-called representatives cater to the poisonous influences of a plutocratic, global elite. We must once again reassert that our people should be the prime dictators of their destiny. To ensure the collective liberty of the nation, it is paramount that we promote a government which is subservient to the national interest. The existence of domestic tranquility is fully reliant upon the nation and the state being the same entity both in practice, and in doctrine. When the separation between the people and their government becomes as large as it stands today, tyranny becomes the only means by which the government can rule. What we have seen occur over the years within our nation is domestic government become foreign through malevolent purchase by invasive interests, and the displacement of Americans as a constituency of their rightful homeland. An international state cannot stand as a force which can ensure national sovereignty to those under its yoke, and Americans must once again take up our people's cause to begin the arduous task of reclaiming a destiny for our nation.
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January 26, 2019
Defiant Actions
Activists placed banners in Minnesota, New York, Utah, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, Vermont and Massachusetts over the course of 36 hours. This coordinated effort represents a call to action for all those faithful to the nation, and demonstrates the untapped potential of a national collective mobilized in defense of its liberty. Activists committed themselves to action with patriots of their communities who had found themselves separated by background, but united in cause to complete a coordinated effort in which they realized a potential which had not yet manifest, to spread the message of national sovereignty to their people. The American people alone must take their future upon themselves to fully realize their destiny as a nation. Misplaced hopes in political elites and corrupted figureheads should be discarded in favor of the common fight for sovereignty in our living nation. A future in which the nation places their salvation in anyone but each other is a future in which the nation is denied its right to determine its future. Any action, however small, in defense of America's sovereignty, is a symbolic stand in defiance of those who would see the American people enslaved in the land their fathers built. Every patriot who spits in the face of tyranny by announcing his abject refusal to quietly submit to the machinations of a global elite makes of himself a beacon to his people that they, too, can take an active role in the determination of their people's continued existence.
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