June 12, 2022
A Conspiracy To Protest
It wasn’t long after activists heard about the plans for a cabal of pedophiles, perverts, and deranged internationalists to bring their chosen malediction to a relatively small and isolated community in northern Idaho that a decision was made to organize a protest. Professional homosexual agitators prey on the peaceful atmosphere of certain communities to corrupt their children, and turn them into the State’s ideal for a new population. A population without roots, without virtue, without even the name they were given at birth. The mentally-addled, homosexual-indoctrinee is shackled to mass media for the latest marching orders on fabricated identity, perpetually medicated to stave off the health complications of crimes against nature, and completely incapable of creating a natural family which is a cornerstone of every functioning society. The plans for protest were simple, and straightforward. It wouldn’t be a large innovation onto the standard model seen dozens of times before in peaceful display. Vehicles drive in, activists get out, speech, flyers, flags, and a public statement to impact the minds and lives of others. Juxtaposing the nation’s faithful against a menagerie of cosmopolitan, costumed freaks was an afterthought. Something unforeseen happened instead. Activists were treated to the most perfidious injustices by the police in their efforts to defend the debasement of our nation's youth. It became clear that police will defend these acts at any cost to the legal rights of Americans, or at any harm to the notion that there is credibility left in the institution of law enforcement. Whether the actions of police are the result of genuine disdain for the nation's cause, hatred towards the rights of free speech and assembly, or utter wanton incompetence is indeterminate. Some combination may be the true cause. No matter the reason, it can be certain that the government is the arm of enforcement for the homosexual pathology, and one will find no virtuous defense of the family within its payrolls. Law enforcement is not defined by defense, service, or dignity. It is the armed threat that punishes disagreement with the government's morality. That morality is poisonous to the nation, and seeks the dissolution of America to serve a global agenda. Standing for the family, and for the natural and healthy virtues that ought to govern society is not a stance of simple, if warranted, disdain for public acts of indecency such as those purveyed by homosexual debauchers, but a mortally serious sentiment in favor of the continuity of civilization itself. A chance to orderly, peacefully, and by any measure lawfully, protest an obvious and unmistakable threat to the continuance of our people's very existence was seen, and the patriots took the opportunity because it would be an act of service to those whose lives can be turned around by the organization. Injuries placed upon these self-sacrificing patriots from the police, media, and business have only strengthened their resolve and proven why it is so important to take a stance against moral depravity in the first place. Sacrifice is a greater measure of a man than most. If we do not practice our rights, they will be stripped from us in silence. If we shy away from assembly, from bold and public speech, not only will we surrender that space to those who hate our nation, but we will cede ground to venal legislators who will seal our inalienable rights as Americans behind legal threats and police intimidation. The innocence of these men regarding any alleged wrongdoing is self-evident. Their commitment to their nation is uncontestable.
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May 29, 2022
Memorial Day Assembly
Activists held an assembly for the purpose of training the mind, body, and spirit of the organization. The event included boxing and grappling tournaments, drilling, physical training, workshops, seminars, and presentations. Through collective action and shared hardship, members of the organization were able to commit fully to testing their limits of physical prowess, intellectual diligence, and ideological devotion. In this remote location, among rolling hills and dense forest, the Front was able to claim space like never before. This was a piece of soil in our continent that was transformed for the purpose of the nation's cause. The grounds had been prepared for weeks with shovel, sweat, and toil. Provisions were organized to feed well over a hundred attendees. Awnings, tents, and tables dotted the landscape. Rural dirt roads experienced their first ever traffic jam as activists poured in from all around the country. Before long, the clearing of the woods buzzed with the activity of an army in a spiritual war for survival.At the dawn of the first day all were awakened to shouts and lights, to test quick responses under shocking circumstances, and within minutes the whole body was in motion for morning PT. The test was passed. What would follow in the day were a series of classes and workshops on radio use, the ideological principles of nationhood, and defensive shield drills. The following day hosted the boxing and grappling tournament. Sandbag rings took the place of the previous day's workshop tables and chairs, and scores of participants fought in dozens of bouts. The grass turned to mud, and bloody noses speckled the sandbags. After five hours of intense fighting, four were announced victorious in their respective categories and given awards. More workshops on first aid, activism planning, and personal fitness followed, and the day concluded with an award ceremony and seminar on the virtues of leadership. This event was the first of its kind within the organization, and stands in contrast to many other events that take a more public facing angle. Members of the organization are the forefront of the very nation our ideals aim to defend, and to improve. As that is the case, the lessons learned in classes, and the strength of brotherhood and body gained in martial competition serves to bolster the quality of the nation's foremost advocates. These improvements that the organization seeks for its members radiate out through their lives, families, and communities. Organizing in an idealistic collective of patriots gives a man confidence, courage, virtue, and discipline. All of these are invaluable assets to a man in any moment of his life, and this great assembly of patriotic hearts has proven not only the organization's commitment to these things, but its effective success in forging the parallel "nation within a nation" that must precede our inevitable sovereignty.
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January 29, 2022
A Victory For Life
Activists completed two pro-life demonstrations in an annual effort which runs parallel to existing demonstrations in the same vicinity. Each year has presented new dynamics and new challenges. In previous years, activists have protested the cancellation of these public actions by the State under the auspices of public safety due to alleged viral outbreaks. There is every reason to believe that legislation that locks down the public space is inherently political in nature, and meant to silence dissent. If those in power hold a monopoly on the public space, they likewise hold a monopoly on the minds of the people. Bold, public action is the timeless voice of the revolutionary. In the modern day, this action overwrites many oligarchic means of censorship. The resounding similarity between all years of organizing these demonstrations is that the conviction of the activists, the dedication to advocacy for the family, is stronger than the barriers placed in the way by the police, the media, and the legislative bodies of the State. Due to previous circumstances with opposition and past appearances by the organization, it was strongly predicted that the organization would be in attendance at these events. For better or worse, this had not been a factor in years past. In spite of this knowledge of the Front’s foretold showing, and the organization's showing at Chicago's demonstrations roughly a week prior, it was proposed that the activists might not appear in Washington. Spineless sycophants of the State pondered this hope of theirs until activists marched off of the train platform and ran straight into the national spotlight.Opposition groups made many calls to hinder or even attack the activists as they protested the industrialized massacre of the unborn. The organization had no intentions of backing away from the promise made to be present at these actions, and would not back down under the pressure. In contrast to all the calls from opposition, no hinderance or assaults were made on the activists due to opposition incompetence, or impotence. Once again, the squealing of journalists and the crazed obscenities of anarchists had no discernible effect. Once again it was proven that the monolithic wall of threats and libel that corner American men into complacency can be broken. More than broken, they can be proven wrong. Not with debates or rhetoric, but with a public presence that refuses to be denied. Activists were able to march through the downtown regions of Chicago, and Washington for several miles. All the while, chanting, handing out flyers, and making the unique interest of the American nation known. It is not enough to speak to the universal morality of life's inherent value, but of the nation's place in this morality. Where the sanctity of the family is concerned, the nation is an aggregate of those families. There is no separation between the interest of the family unit, and that of the nation. Armies may have conquered this continent, but it was families that kept it. The organization maintains the principles of life, and upholds our own nation’s place at the center of our efforts to protect it.
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December 6, 2021
Third National March
Activists marched across the Potomac, through Washington DC, and gave a speech in front of the Capitol Building. Activists marched five miles through the city with peaceful and orderly conduct before their full, safe departure. The action itself was conducted as a demonstrative display of the convictions and unity of those striving for the cause of national sovereignty, and collective liberty.
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August 12, 2021
Tallest Peaks
Activists summited Mount Elbert, Colorado, Mount Mitchell, North Carolina, Mount Washington, New Hampshire, and Mount Rainer, Washington as part of a unified effort to climb the tallest peaks in the continent.
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