Activists conducted a march through downtown Salt Lake City, and past the grounds of the State Capitol. In the spirit of western expansion, this action constituted the largest and most visible action the organization has taken collectively in the region to date.

The western reaches of our continent once bore witness to the great deeds of countless Americans. Even daily life on the new and expansive frontier necessitated a certain distinguished nature of conduct. This spirit would come to define, and give rise to a bolstered national consciousness.

In the days since manifest destiny bridged the two shining seas, our spirit has faltered. We have forgotten our origins in exchange for the figmentary idea of material progress. A man's work no longer has meaning or connection to a cause. It is instead a cynical subservience to the power of capital that guides modern labor. Where once there was opportunity, adventure, and conquest in life's work, now there remains only senseless toil to keep illness and starvation just a few inches from the door.

Our government has grown foreign to us, as those who do recall the American Spirit. We fight a new battle today, and the frontier is within us. The lands ripe for conquest lie within the hearts of a new generation. To be victorious in this, is to make manifest a destiny that the centuries may not tarnish.