Elections of Tyrants

Elections of Tyrants

Activists held a march and demonstration in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania against the fraudulent elections of the two party tyranny, and in defense of America's right to national sovereignty and collective liberty. The action took place in the final hours of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Our effort as activists lies in both spheres of thought and action. The nation's faithful must think as philosophers and act as warriors. This is the revolutionary nexus that a new politics must be constructed around, the hardened core of men who can embody something beyond themselves.

The contests between politicians prattle on day and night, reported on and televised to the information-addled masses. They form only the scarred surface of tyranny's ugly face. Hundreds of thousands swarm from one fool to another, enraged and despised all at once. At the end of their circular travels around the political house of mirrors, they are discarded, confused. Their apparent disenfranchisement comes as an immanent realization of what always was.

Democracy wears the feathers of a dove, yet is delivered at the tip of a bayonet. It would be cause for mass revelation and understanding alone if the powerful simply retired the façade of democracy in their words as they have done in their actions. It is an insidious and inhuman system that so adeptly maneuvers and exploits the bedlam of public discord it has created.

In exchange for this chaos we are given the most meager pittance, that which carries the sole intent and quantity to keep us from reaching the threshold of discomfort that brings with it the clarity that we are slaves until we seek something greater.

Politicians mutter on through their aged faces and underneath waning strands of silver hair. For the years of their terms and decades of their criminal careers they leave all but the most privileged elite in a state of contemptuous unknowing as to their true intentions, if they have any at all. It stands to reason that these creatures are little more than puppets wound up in the strings of financial meddling and venomous ideological hatred. One thing is certain, and that is that their actions betray their vapid words.

Figureheads of state in this international tyranny are free only to exacerbate the very mechanisms by which the people of our nation, and even other nations both within and without the borders of the legislative system, are made subjects to a threatening way of life in which dignity cannot stand. Even the vastly inconsequential and hollow gestures to placate the rising tide of discontent are throttled by deep and unelected interests in favor of an endless cycle of new liberties to the most wealthy and powerful.

Of course, these are not liberties, they are deeds to punish and to maim and to preside over us where a just and honorable government may instead. The only thing that keeps aloft the lie and the contorted statistics that anyone in this government may be "popular" is the wantonly reckless manner in which all visible and viable alternatives are met with measures to silence and destroy.

America does not need unity with the state, nor does it require being submerged into a boiling pot of global affairs. America's recent past has been the story of being beaten to kneel at the feet of tyranny, and our recent future must tell the story of our people learning to stand, in spite of whatever tribulations it may bring.

Time will march on and deliver the relics of the conventional machine to the grave, and it is the duty of our nation's rising youth to see that they are replaced by those who do not only speak of lofty ideals but those that pursue them. Block by block, spirit by spirit, and step by step America will be shown the future in the shape of a man of action.