America lives in the hearts of its true inheritance. The life of this nation, unique among all others, will be preserved. The faithful of the nation will foster a social, moral, and civilizational health which will allow the people to prosper alongside the guidance of a State which ensures an existence for them and their posterity.

America will be unshackled from the tyrannical rule of a corrupt and ineffective State which subverts the national interest in favor of a global plutocracy. Sovereignty will be pursued with the securing of the American homeland against the invasion of foreign nations and interests. The revival of the American revolutionary spirit will guide the people towards their inalienable right to self determination on the course to fulfill their destiny.

America’s goals will be sought with the united and enduring passion of the national collective. No placement of the private interest above that of the common good will stand unopposed as the barriers impeding the nation’s will are overcome. An unwavering resistance will meet all enemies of the people and the nation, both foreign and domestic.