Victory or Death

Victory or Death

Activists held joint memorial marches in San Antonio, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee. These observations of Memorial Day stand in contrast to the commonplace, degrading gestures given by state office or those who find American life valuable enough to honor once it has past in conflict, but not so valuable that we must wage our battles for the nation alone.

In San Antonio, the activists proceeded through downtown and held a speech in front of Alamo Plaza, on the very grounds that the storied battle took place nearly two centuries ago. For perhaps the first time since the cannons roared on that prairie, a great number of Americans echoed the same spirit that made sacred that rocky soil. Surrounding the hallowed site are peddlers of innumerable useless trinkets, desperate attempts to pry money from the crowds with drink or game. Consumerism won the battle for the city more divisively than the foreign armies which once assailed the soldiers of the Alamo.

In Nashville, the activists crossed the Cumberland River, and travelled through the city to reach a large Great War memorial located within Legislative Plaza. Day by day, oblivious pedestrians and disgraceful bureaucrats irreverently walk past the countless names of the vanquished placed upon the walls of the plaza. The venues for vice, and obscene displays of indulgence are packed wall to wall, yet the sites of the men who granted the prosperity that is now relentlessly abused are as silent as the graves of the men to which they are dedicated.

We wage war against the despair that has been inflicted upon our people. The countless humiliations and injustices are our opponents in this battle for the national spirit. To embody a revolutionary conviction is to make ones soul inhospitable to the deepest reaches of tyranny over the minds of men. Realizations that the world is within grasp, that the future is unwritten, deny the enemies of our nation the one thing that they can never force us to yield. Our sacred honor.

Beautiful conviction is spiritual revolution. Life is not so dear to us, and comfort is not so cherished that we will bear witness to the corruption of the modern state idle. Cultural tyranny exalts the conveniences of conventional life above all else, and tells us that nothing is worth the discomfort that opposing it would bring. We disagree. The price of our lives is an unbroken chain of resistance from when our eyes are first open to the nation's cause, to the very ends of our strength, and our youth.. Until there are new generations of the nation's faithful ready to answer the call that will only fall silent when the last patriot sheds the last drop of American blood.