Life Of Our Nation

Life Of Our Nation

Activists held joint marches in Chicago and Washington DC in observance to the Pro-Life rallies and marches that occur annually at these sites. In an unprecedented act of unrepentant tyranny, state and city governments decided to meddle with the affairs of these marches until their veritable cancellation was assured.

In Chicago, a crowd of thousands was harangued by bureaucracy into a small cavalcade of vehicles in transit through downtown. In Washington, the streets and causeways were overcame by an eerie silence, only ever broken by the legions of police and fresh mercenary arrivals to the city.

The actions of the organization in this context draw a defining line in its years long history of involvement with these larger actions. An essence of successful defiance has been thrust forward as an example to all those who bear the nation's interest yet are led astray by those who bend to the first signs of repression.

These activists have shown that civil disobedience can distinguish a hundred men among several hundred score greater, and that such efforts can be initiated and concluded with all the honor and dignity that is deserved by those shouldering the cause and its burdens. The greatest weapon of despotism is fear. The uncertainty that extends from the oft faceless, undiscernible machinations of the state creates a dark void of public understanding that can only be filled with fear, or defiance.