Vermont Flash Demonstration

Vermont Flash Demonstration

Patriot Front activists arrived at an undisclosed location to prepare for the demonstration outside Burlington, Vermont’s City Hall. On their way towards their objective, the activists noticed a variety of the anti-American assemblers that, upon realizing their rally was anchored in a shopping center’s parking lot, were smart enough to think the patriots might be arriving elsewhere.

The activists arrived at a street corner adjacent the city hall, the town’s defacto public square, and began to unfurl their banner as one activist spoke of America’s degraded state, and a future of action and revival by means of a revolutionary awakening of the American spirit. The activists brought their flash demonstration to a close by chanting “Blood And Soil,” and “America First,”.

Some of the locals present in nearby shops and stores were too bewildered, and shocked at the sight of proud Americans expressing an adoration for their land and people, and the prominence of their nation in their hearts, to react in any way that would hinder our activist’s ability to assemble.

Arriving in another nearby town, across Lake Champlain, the activists assembled on the steps of Plattsburgh, New York’s city hall. A banner was unfurled, and flags were pulled taut by the gusts of wind as a similar speech was given to pedestrians. The blaring of horns from cars driving in front of the city hall expressed support.

In spite of the best efforts of the town’s local Liberals to enforce the declining status quo by any means convenient, the activists were able to spread their message uncontested. The small demonstration boasted an amplified message it would not have reached if not for the help of the local fake news outlets.