Washington D.C. Demonstration

Washington D.C. Demonstration

Patriot Front activists arrived on the scene half a mile away from the Lincoln Memorial and proceeded towards the area. After arriving in front of the memorial, activists split into two parallel groups and walked down each side of the reflecting pool handing out flyers and other informational material to pedestrians.

One of the groups of activists stopped by the Vietnam War Memorial to lay flowers in remembrance of the Americans who fought and died at the behest of hawkish politicians. An activist whose father fought in the conflict was chosen to lay the flowers.

The two groups then proceeded down either side of the reflecting pool, handing out more flyers and receiving interest from passersby. A group of servicemen that crossed paths with the activists notably approached and asked for some of the flyers.

After the length of the pool had been walked, activists laid flowers at the World War II memorial to show that no one who fights, and believes in his nation, will be forgotten.

The activists then regrouped and walked back to the Lincoln Memorial, where they staged on the steps and gave a quick speech, followed by several chants.

Apart from the occasional Leftist physically expressing dismay at the concept of Americans organizing against their replacement, the activists were free to demonstrate and spread the message unopposed and unmolested.