Activism and Brotherhood

Activism and Brotherhood

The Patriot understands that brotherhood is something earned, and never given. Brotherhood is earned through struggle and strife. It is molded in the hearts of the Americans who would proudly stand for the principles of duty, responsibility, and unity in the cities of our occupied nation.

Brotherhood is something that cannot be achieved without physical and public action, or fully comprehended by those not willing to put their neck on the line for a greater good.

Our ancestors, the great Americans who tamed this wild land, understood this. The Patriots that died at Concord Bridge, to fight against the tyranny of a king, perished within arm’s reach of those they would call “brother”.

They fought not for material gain, or because of the ease which they anticipated victory would come, but to achieve something greater for themselves and their posterity. Their communal sacrifice, and sense of justice led them to strive for something beyond a life of servitude and indignity, uniting them as brothers in the face of a force that denied them their right to determine their future. They fought because, after all the world had granted them, they dared to demand something more from the future.

Those of us that belong to a generation tasked with revolution or death always carry with us the guiding light of our forebears which may serve as inspiration to fight onwards in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Every day that our Patriots commit to action, they become more of a cohesive unit. Every time they train in martial combat with their brothers, they are hardening themselves and each other into a weapon to be used against those who would see America in ruin. We are at a pivotal point in our nation’s history. Wherever you stand, whatever you believe, there is no denying this. Whether we succeed or fail, we will be judged by our future generations for what we accomplished.

We will not allow our posterity to inherit a lifetime of struggle because we were too tepid to take a stand.