Tyrannical Interests

Tyrannical Interests

Activists demonstrated outside the Virginia Israeli Advisory Board in Richmond, Virginia. The activists acted in protest of the entity's methods to subvert and displace America's working class in favor of a foreign tyranny.

America's interests have been sold to the hands of the international Zionist mob, and they cannot simply be purchased back. What must take place is a complete reorganization of the nation's voice into an entity which can expunge the foreign entanglements that threaten it's sovereignty.

It is not only the representative nature of the once-American government that has been battered to shambles by foreign interests, but the needs of the American workers which have been placed behind interests both foreign and private. The state would empower foreign corporations simply because they are foreign, and those with no loyalty to the land will not counter its destruction. Those who are not of the people will not oppose their exploitation.

The further that the state goes on its path away from the nation, the more entrenched the alien and vested powers will become in its functioning. Zionist entrapment and monied interests form one of the sturdy, yet rotten, pillars of the International State's vile agenda.

This injustice we see today cannot, and will not, withstand the rising tide of virtue gathering to meet it from every corner of our nation. From the depths of every heart which contains American blood, an indomitable resistance will grow.