Banners Across the Nation

Banners Across the Nation

Activists placed over thirty banners in Virginia, Texas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Ohio, California, Washington, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah.

Collective liberty is the most valuable and necessary form of liberty. Without collective liberty, all other forms of individual liberty are irrational fantasies. The collective of the nation, or the community in some cases, must be able to exercise collective liberty from forces which seek to harm it. The right for a collective to exist, and assert the state of that existence, remains paramount in comparison to the right of an individual to forego their duty to their natural collective of family, community, and nation.

Collective action is necessary to ensure collective accomplishment. Every effort in furtherance of the goals of national sovereignty is a testament to the existence of the nation's continued fight for life itself. No collective of men should exist without liberty to temper their union, and union to balance out their liberty. The ideals of social duty and personal liberty cannot exist in isolation. Only together can they create an order worth sustaining.

To uphold personal liberty at the expense of societal duty is to seek the dissolution of the nation. The people, if only motivated by self interest, will be torn apart by their opponents from within and without because the spirit only moved by greed cannot conquer tyranny. It can only replace it. To uphold social duty at the expense of personal liberty is to deny the inherent value in the enacting of that duty. The health of the social collective relies upon the liberty to pursue it.

Without collective liberty at once being assured, any amount of personal liberty will be extinguished. Thus it is the case that the nation must be bound together in the defense of the ideals and interests it shares as a whole before all else.