Strong Nations

Strong Nations

Activists participated in pro-life marches in Chicago, Illinois and Washington D.C. in a third annual and second annual action respectively. The activists handed out thousands of flyers, and were met amicably by the rallygoers who have become familiar with their efforts during the preceding years.

The family is the strongest and most integral component of interpersonal identity which forms the building blocks of nations. If the nation is a building, the family is the brick. All individuals are invariably members of families due to the bindings of natural law, and families themselves must form the foundations for communities, which in turn unite to form the nation.

Because of the family's fundamental role in the stability and prosperity of the nation, it was the first to bear the burden of assault waged by the forces of internationalist tyranny. The loyalties of Americans would be redirected by these corrupting forces from the natural, to the artificial. Where a man would once be loyal to his family, community, and nation, those wielding the imperialistic cudgel would replace his loyalties with artificial aspects controlled by the politician, the celebrity, and the boss. To detach the nation from its natural bindings is a hellish stepping stone on the path to dissolving it entirely, and then enacting its erasure from memory itself.

If a man cannot give his loyalties to the natural anchors of identity, he will give them to the artificial imitations given to him. By means of financial, social, or political tyranny are barriers placed between Americans and the places their true loyalties ought to lie. The politician will peddle a materialistic platform that energizes its base while it instigates a deep moral decay. The celebrity will sell a vapid brand that replaces and corrupts the components of the spirit that belong elsewhere. The boss will fabricate a lie in which the earnings of work are not themselves given value by the method they are gained through, and the purpose which decides their destination.

The collective liberty of the people can only be maintained and upheld if the collectives that encompass the national entity are themselves maintained. The individual must be strengthened and given purpose to create the family, which must cooperate with others to establish a community, and the unity of this newly reborn nation will be the staging grounds for the sovereignty and liberty necessary to reach our American destiny.