The Failures of Democracy

The Failures of Democracy

The democratic system is held to such astronomically high standards in contemporary society that it is near-synonymous to say that something is both bad as well as “a threat to our democracy.” With a new, existential threat to “our” democracy being paraded through the public discourse by the lying media every week, the truest threat to the democratic way has been wholly overlooked.


The long-lasting benefits of American democracy, and its more robust characteristics now shrink over the horizon far behind the nation’s course. It becomes clear that, in spite of whatever greatness the system allowed, there are undeniable problems that could very well place the current political process beyond repair, or at the very least, beyond repair as a recognizable entity.

Vast swathes of what used to be the beating heart of the American nation now stagnate and fester as they’re transformed into colonies for foreign powers. These populations -- imported en masse for their voting habits alone -- have interests that they make known every so often at the polls. Their core ideals compete with, and at times, eclipse entirely the interests of the American people.

Uncontrolled immigration from peoples absent of ability or desire to assimilate into the American way has turned elections into mere headcounts of various ethnic and cultural interests all battling over the same government. With many sets of varied and incompatible interests, and only one government to satiate them, it takes only simple math to see how dysfunctional this has made democracy.

If it was not enough that laws be changed to put the American people on their proverbial back foot via due process, it is now so often and regularly seen for those elected by plutocrats, who represent anyone but their constituency, to act in flagrant contradiction to the law and face no repercussions whatsoever. This has set a disgusting precedent that will not do well to heal America’s weeping wounds.

Aggravated by the competing interests of various voting blocks, a similar situation can be seen in the offices of government itself as with the polling booths. No matter the side celebrating a mock victory in the form of an election, the State itself is always divided in such a way that half of it can adequately halt any reforms, changes, or progress towards certain goals the other half may seek whether those changes are for better or worse.

With elected officials rendered almost powerless under the circumstances insofar as their titles of leadership begin to resemble the ceremonial titles of old world monarchies, what is seen is that those left with actual, effective positions of power are those for whom no votes were cast, and no campaigns dedicated.

While the publicly known faces of democratic politics dedicate the lion’s share of their term in office towards gaining another, those unelected figures in the shadows of government agencies and webs of corporate ties make up a State below the State, with all the efficacy that properly elected officials once had.

These shady plutocrats are then free to enact their decade-spanning strategies to rob the American people of their right to determine their future and to reduce any lingering effect that the will of the nation may have on the direction of the government.

However, almost as a matter of providence, once such tangled and cumbersome webs of institutional subversion and moneyed corruption reach a certain critical mass that those in control of American democracy are quickly approaching, they become “too big to fail,” and then do just that.

From astronomically high standards, the trust in the current methodology will come crashing down. The nation will come to expect little from their false representatives and the media that trots them out as pre-chosen leadership. Instead, the American Spirit will reawaken the revolutionary desire of self determination that created and forged this nation centuries ago. Free from the debilitating burden of a democracy too proud to know when it has ceased to deserve the name, the nation will finally be able to determine its own path forward into the future.