America a Nation

America a Nation

A crude, obstructive misunderstanding of the nation permeates political and philosophical discussion in America. This fundamental misunderstanding likely boasts no small function in the ongoing loss of sovereignty experienced by the American people.

A nation needs a people that belong to it in order to exist, but they alone do not a nation make. Instead of a prime component of nationhood, a populace that belongs to the collective becomes more of a prerequisite. What truly animates a nation, and imbues it with the vigor to press onward is the patriot. The patriot acts as, and represents a blood and bone vessel for the will of the nation’s people, and at times, the will needed to save them from their current course.

Nations must exist in both thought and action. They must have a tangible presence in the world, but that presence must also be given life through those that would fight and sacrifice for the nation which composes the core of their identity and, as a result, their reason to be. To kill a nation in this respect, one must eradicate its populace, or crush the will of its patriots. So long as there are those who would fight for an America they belong to, it cannot truly die.

Whereas governments most often have strictly defined borders and legal structures, nations are more organic in nature. A nation may occupy territory independent of the borders of the government that may claim to represent it. Sustained, invasive immigration can lead to a scenario where a nation may only actively occupy the majority, rather than entirety, of the borders surrounding it.

With certain international communities, nations can exist without any defined borders at all, and instead claim a more global affiliation. However, such a scenario leaves undesirable and subversive actions as the only means for the nation in question to sustain itself among larger populations.

Our goal is the cultural restitution of the nation, the social realization of its existence as a natural entity, and its political representation within a State apparatus. All these goals are integral to restoring sovereignty to the American nation, and assuring that the nation has a future it alone can dictate.