National March

National March

Activists marched through Washington DC and demonstrated at the Capitol Building in support of national sovereignty, and the collective liberty of the American people. The march extended from northern Arlington, Virginia across the Potomac River, past the Lincoln Memorial, under the Washington Monument, up the length of the National Mall, and concluded at the Capitol Building.

Antinationals had alerted the police in an ultimately futile attempt to silence the demonstration, and heckled the activists sporadically, to no effect. Police attempted, at several points, to block off the march from reaching its desired location before finally being forced to recognize the rightful liberty being exercised.

An action such as this is more than the demonstration of an ideal. It is the physical manifestation of the nation's will crying out for justice amidst a tyrannized world, and those who have made themselves vessels for its voice. Carrying our banner across what was once a prosperous example of America's sovereignty is a reminder that the torch, while dimmed, is not extinguished.

The International State governs over the American people. It is a vast collection of competing nationalities squabbling in their impoverished squalor for the vapid attention of the favored few, dolling out meager pittance whenever one collective grows excessively troublesome. This is the most nightmarish form of tyranny. The tyranny of imperialism and misrepresentative governance.

The national government is dead, and the International State killed it. Through the importation of foreign masses, to the destruction of the nation's social and economic defenses, to the expansion of materialistic ideologies and the attacks on the American family, the International State has sought to dilute and dissolve the nation into a boiling pot of alien peoples for the sake of political profiteering.

Citizenship and nationhood were once synonymous, but are now entirely divorced in meaning. The International State may claim the whole world as citizens tomorrow, yet it would not make them American. The government could rain endless tons of paperwork onto the deserts and swamps of foreign continents, and Americans would not sprout from these alien lands.

We are sold this false notion of freedom every day by those who tarnish the graves of our ancestors with every additional lie. They give you more screens which only show you a placating feed of indoctrinating media. They will hand you more outlets to speak from, but there will be no one listening. You may cast more and more ballots, but none that will bring about change. You may purchase more material distractions, while oligarchs may purchase your unwilling future.

This is the only result of a class of unaccountable, innumerable petty tyrants seeking their own putrid slice of power at the expense of all else. The left and right wings connect to the same vulture picking at America's carcass. The only path left to us is made all the clearer by the gravity of our circumstance.

The struggle for the nation's life and liberty is waged for so simple a reason that it may be overlooked. As long as our nation lives, it must be free. As long as our people are one, they may claim victory over the forces that seek to dissolve them. This is not an idle liberty we lay claim to. Our liberty, our collective liberty, is not to be won and forgotten like the ill-defined liberties of vapid political stooges. It is the embodiment of the nation's will given the strength to manifest itself, through the actions of its most faithful adherents.

Patriotism is not manufactured, it is born of the people of our nation in distress. So long as the nation lives, so long as there is territory within humanity that bears the name America, there will be patriots giving their life to the fight for those most inalienable rights to our collective liberty, and national sovereignty.