Revolutionary Tradition

Revolutionary Tradition

Activists visited the cemetery of revolutionary war spies to pay their respects to their efforts in support of national sovereignty.

The Culper Ring was a band of spies serving the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, who operated within British-Occupied New York to give vital information which led to the reclamation of the city by American forces. Value lies within the parallels of our struggles separated by time, but not by ideal.

Now, more than ever, we must honor the revolutionary tradition that has been so tragically shorn from the national conscious in favor of a malignant submission to the status quo of dispossession, and decadence. The future will not be shaped by those contemplating half measures and compromises with tyrants, but by those who fully reject their theft of the nation's destiny.

Our forebears knew that any government which dictates a people which do not have representation in it is unjust. Our government shows no desire to actualize the will of the nation, as its so-called representatives cater to the poisonous influences of a plutocratic, global elite. We must once again reassert that our people should be the prime dictators of their destiny. To ensure the collective liberty of the nation, it is paramount that we promote a government which is subservient to the national interest.

The existence of domestic tranquility is fully reliant upon the nation and the state being the same entity both in practice, and in doctrine. When the separation between the people and their government becomes as large as it stands today, tyranny becomes the only means by which the government can rule.

What we have seen occur over the years within our nation is domestic government become foreign through malevolent purchase by invasive interests, and the displacement of Americans as a constituency of their rightful homeland.

An international state cannot stand as a force which can ensure national sovereignty to those under its yoke, and Americans must once again take up our people's cause to begin the arduous task of reclaiming a destiny for our nation.