Debts of Blood

Debts of Blood

Activists demonstrated at AIPAC offices and Israeli consulates around the country to advocate for national sovereignty, and to oppose the institutions betraying the interests of Americans.

Mercenary enforcers of the state’s will sought to prevent activists from making their voice heard, and opposed the actions of patriots at every step. During the series of actions, police mobilized to harass and intimidate activists with the goal of preventing any speech critical of the foreign influence weighing heavily on the nation.

Any doubt still existing to the stranglehold with which the Zionist lobbies grip the state was put soundly to rest with the pushback exhibited by the government’s porcine correctors. The revolutionary ideals of the nation’s cause present an existential threat to the efforts of those usurping America’s prosperity to suit their ends.

For far too long has the voice of the nation been silent in the face of the ruthless intimidation which meets those calling attention to the misdeeds of the international Zionist mob.

No foreign interest or power with control over the lives of Americans will go unopposed in the pursuit of collective liberty. The lies of corrupted media and controlled politicians are worthless to those resolved to speak truth to tyrants.

The American state is mired in a vast swamp of competing foreign influences who have found America's so-called representatives to be spineless fools for purchase. The government is pulled in nearly every direction by these forces from abroad and from within. Zionism has become one of the loudest voices in this alien shouting match for control of the resources once reserved for an American posterity.

Nearly every suit-clad criminal acting as a rootless mercenary to the state can be found either in complete and unquestioning advocacy for Zionist causes, or terrified into utter silence in the face of the myriad injustices stemming from their efforts.

The countless billions spent in pursuit of Zionist wars abroad, the immeasurably immense purchase of political representation, and the demonization of Americans brave enough to stand up and question why are all stark indications that this is no movement that the people stand to gain from.

Instead, these internationalist lobbies are an encompassing weight that blockades the nation's cause from once again being the central focus of America's governing body.

To be a patriot one must embrace the defense of their people against all forces which may seek to lead them astray. No extranational recipient of any aid or assistance should be given immunity from the watchful eyes of the people.

It is not those intimidated into silence to whom the future belongs. The tasks of the future that the nation must bear demand bravery and wholehearted, unwavering opposition to all forces which do not seek the best interest of the nation.