Defiant Actions

Defiant Actions

Activists placed banners in Minnesota, New York, Utah, Illinois, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California, Vermont and Massachusetts over the course of 36 hours. This coordinated effort represents a call to action for all those faithful to the nation, and demonstrates the untapped potential of a national collective mobilized in defense of its liberty.

Activists committed themselves to action with patriots of their communities who had found themselves separated by background, but united in cause to complete a coordinated effort in which they realized a potential which had not yet manifest, to spread the message of national sovereignty to their people.

The American people alone must take their future upon themselves to fully realize their destiny as a nation. Misplaced hopes in political elites and corrupted figureheads should be discarded in favor of the common fight for sovereignty in our living nation.

A future in which the nation places their salvation in anyone but each other is a future in which the nation is denied its right to determine its future. Any action, however small, in defense of America's sovereignty, is a symbolic stand in defiance of those who would see the American people enslaved in the land their fathers built.

Every patriot who spits in the face of tyranny by announcing his abject refusal to quietly submit to the machinations of a global elite makes of himself a beacon to his people that they, too, can take an active role in the determination of their people's continued existence.