Rejection of Subjugation

Rejection of Subjugation

Activists demonstrated at Purdue Pharma in Stamford, Connecticut in defiance of the chemical subjugation of the American people, and the plutocratic predation on the nation's vulnerable.

Attacks on our nation do not always present themselves with the clarity seen in those that come from the politician's pen, the police's baton, or the foreigner's knife. The most insidious slights against our people are those that remain unnoticed, quietly corrupting, just under the surface.

Collective liberty does not lie in the freedom to be fed ensnaring poisons, but the liberty from this weaponized plague. On one hand, the so-called public interests will stoke the fires of despair and dispossess Americans, and on the other, the private interests will extend their venomous tendrils to trap the ailing masses.

Those in power wield their injustices with such reckless abandon that, were it not for the entrapment of chemical vice strangling the people, the revolution that would displace and replace them would have already come and gone. Vice is pressed onto the nation's hopeful as a way to blind them to the ongoing tragedy facing America. The vision of a nation once willing and able to rise to its own defenses has been clouded in servitude to substance.

The state's prominent figures are so detestable that they cannot obtain any echo of legitimate support, so the chosen tactic is to exploit that which makes us both capable of virtue yet vulnerable to vice. These vipers do not only destroy the lives and communities they infect with their vile grip, they destroy the very notion of humanity itself which ought to grow prosperous from the places from which it is now absent.

The results of this affront to humanity are not only the vast garnering of profit, or the purchase of political legitimacy given over to blood steeped hands, but the degradation of the spirit of the nation as a whole. Purpose, value, and all aspects of common virtue are sacrificed upon the hellish altar of industrialized addiction.

Ideal constituents to the system desired by these profiteers are nothing more than husks where once were men. Inhuman measures are taken for the ultimate purpose of extending the unnatural lifespan of a status quo long overdue to be shattered and discarded. Men with the strength of conviction to cleanse themselves of vice will make themselves unfit to be the biddable slaves favored the corporate plutocracy.