Independence and Resistance

Independence and Resistance

Activists demonstrated at branches of the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago, Illinois, and San Francisco, California on Independence Day. The actions stood in opposition to financial tyranny, and in defense of national sovereignty and collective liberty.

While cruel mobs swarm and burn the streets absent sight of true tyranny, adherents to the nation's cause continue to form ranks of opposition to injustice undistracted by the stirrings of the year. Assaulting the extremities of the tree of corruption is left to the unwitting lapdogs of the present order, and patriots seek to unearth the roots.

The nation's cause is timeless, and so too are the shapes of its enemies in their seeking of unchecked power atop the corpse of the American spirit. Different names and different faces fill what is known by us to be a single vessel for tyranny. Sovereign liberty lies on the path that disregards distractions of the modern political circus in exchange for perennial truths. The assailants to the nation are ever changing, their methods ever evolving, yet the defense of the nation is always sought in the same virtues. Honesty will overcome deceit, and truthful endurance will prove to be a more powerful fuel than personal interest.

These faithful few who raise their voices in youthful defiance stand alone among their people as the singular pillar yet standing in the face of a world plunged into chaos. Marred by the slanders and harassment of the state and its willing sycophants, but standing all the taller alongside their brothers with booming voices and heads held aloft.

What the adherents to the nation's cause seek is not vengeance, even though reasonable cause may exist for such, but justice and an end to the material divisions that set America's sons against each other under the sunken gaze of billionaires. So too must the imperialistic endeavors of the governmental bureaucracy cease. These efforts see men of all nations turned into cattle to feed the machines of institutional power.

A fool's revolution seeks not an end to this internationalist enslavement, but to protect it by placing all blame upon the Americans whose bones tyranny seeks to place as foundation to an empire of capital and fear.

For every just anchoring of government which gives legitimate rule by defending humanity, there is a ramshackle replacement that extends from means of destroying it. Our international state has chosen the latter to provide its mooring. Few to none not bathed in the privileges of power make honest claims to contest the notion that we are ruled by vipers absent even the most fleeting thought of doing what is right. Yet the question stands as to why these vipers still exercise their venomous kingship within their continental den.

It is because men of action have yet to provide example known to all, as they strive day after day to do so. It is because the voices of patriots bellowing out in calls of nationhood and liberty are numerous, but still in stages of infancy in comparison to the future's offerings. It is because there are communities and streets without the presence of the nation's cause upon their doorsteps, even as they grow fewer and fewer.

As the words said between the towers of tyrants, justice will prevail, and not only because it is just. Because the will of the men who strive for such a grand vision of a new world, one free from the pains of misrepresentative government, has shown itself to be undeterred by all that America's enemies have to offer.