Protect Our Posterity

Protect Our Posterity

Activists attended Pro Life rallies in Chicago, Illinois and Washington D.C. to promote the protection of our nation's greatest strength, its families.

With banners, flags, and flyers they greeted those who would wish to see an American posterity inherit a better world. The activists were the recipients of a notable amount of support at both events, placing the lies of the dishonest media and purchased politicians on increasingly shaky foundations.

The enemies of the nation in attendance found it best to place themselves in opposition to the continuation of America's families, and as a result, its people. Bound by destructive, materialistic individualism they screamed and wailed for their right to snuff out the light of civilization that is America, and their right to toss aside their social duty to the nation, which is greater than oneself. They were opposed by the activists who volleyed patriotic chants as a response to their cries for the murder of America's children.

Between the two events, over half a thousand flyers were given out to the eager and smiling faces which met the activists. So long as the American people exist, they will have a future. So long as America has a future, patriots will be active in the defense of that future against all opposition.