National Demonstration

National Demonstration

Activists demonstrated across Washington D.C. in support of national sovereignty, and in opposition to a corrupt government which denies the rightful inheritance of the nation a future. We stand resolute in our task to reassert the spirit that brought the people of our nation from colonial subjects to components of the greatest nation to shape the world.

Any State that seeks the favor of plutocratic interests, and foreign populations over the nation that gave it life dangerously flirts with illegitimacy. When a people can no longer trust their leaders to ensure their life and liberty, they must seek solutions in themselves and each other.

Great forces in the world hold with them a ravenous desire to see Americans enslaved, and subjugated in the land their fathers built. Our mere desire to exist is a defiant rallying cry to these evil manipulators. Our desire to determine our future, to seek a destiny where American interests define an American nation with an American posterity threatens the very core of their deceitful efforts.

We carry the torch that has been passed down for centuries as the defenders of our nation's future. So long as our nation exists, patriots will act boldly to defend the sovereignty of their people.