Politics of Brotherhood

Politics of Brotherhood

Activists engaged in a series of outdoor actions including hiking, camping, sparring, cleaning up litter, and other forms of physical improvement and community building.

The politics embodied by those willing to further the nation's cause of sovereignty no doubt make one a radical in the contemporary context. It has become radical for a man to seek something so simple and innate as self determination for his people. It has become radical for a man to seek brotherhood and shared struggle among those who face the same threat to their collective liberty.

However, it is certain that when one's vision is expanded to the greater history of the nation, the truth will show itself. This truth is that those seeking sovereignty, those that look to the material distractions and comfortable submission of modern society and cry out that truthful hardship is more noble than deluded comfort, are the torchbearers of a cause as old as their nation itself.

America was founded in revolution and in conquest. The nation was given life through those who did not fear being radical, or being branded as unconventional breakers of the status quo. Those willing to oppose the forces seeking to rip the future from the hands of Americans, and condemn millions yet unborn to an inescapable fate carry with them a desire to improve and fortify themselves, and their brothers, to better facilitate their national advocacy.

Our activists will continue to be a growing example of the dynamism offered through revolutionary passion. Under a tyranny which seeks to mislead, misinform, and mistreat the youth of our nation, it is no contest that the vitality of nationhood will claim victory over the decadent dysfunction of a dishonest, occupational government.