The Hands of Greed

The Hands of Greed

Activists demonstrated in front of the state capitol building in Salt Lake City, Utah in support of national sovereignty, and in opposition to a government ruled by those unwilling or unable to serve the national interest.

When presented with the peril that threatens our national way of life, many Americans with positions of power will only oppose these existential threats with as much or as little strength as their money allows them to. The horizons of each politician acting in this way are firmly anchored to their next paycheck, or the next election cycle. The life of the nation, its immortal spirit, is something which they are completely blind to as slaves to their material function.

The goal of these weak willed, so-called representatives is not to fix the problems that threaten the nation, but to energize their voters again and again with the fragile promise of doing so. All of this will be done to conserve the status quo of decay and decline, while those most harmed by the processes of this injustice unwittingly line the pockets of those they looked towards to save them.

The devolution of a governing body which selects those with a greater desire to defend their investments rather than their people has undermined the very purpose that it was created for. The political class festers in the open wound of a government that no longer deserves the title of American. A rightful replacement and rejection of this treasonous class must take place for Americans to begin the process of creating an American destiny.

Outside of the corrupted halls of governance, or the voting booth facades of popular control, deeds weigh more than words. Those faithful to their nation, and its immortal spirit, have taken up the task of action; action in the face of inaction, action to overcome talk. Deeds which will separate those who claim to fight for the nation and those who will save it.

What the revival of America's spirit brings is the rejection of those who hijack the people's revolutionary impetus to suit the ends of greed and self interest. A new generation of patriotic youth is hammering at the doors of a new world, and no sum of money will deter them.