Memories of Service

Memories of Service

Activists conducted memorial ceremonies at at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial in San Bernardino, California, the San Jacinto Memorial in La Porte, Texas, the Pennsylvania State Memorial in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and other monuments around the continent in remembrance of the nation's fallen faithful.

The spirit of our nation is kept alive by its patriots in just one front of the many endeavors waged for national sovereignty and collective liberty. This spirit stirs within the hearts of men willing to endure the challenges of the world to contest the forces pressing destruction upon our people.

America's sons collectively claim the will to change our destiny from that of a dark and inescapable fate as a people no longer able to exercise our rights to life and liberty, to a bright and hard fought continental realignment which sees Americans as the dictators of their own fate. There is only a task in giving that ever present willpower the purpose and direction to succeed. Those wishing the dissolution of our nation know this, perhaps better than those who they aim their ill intentions towards.

Service, sacrifice, and duty are exalted virtues that we can witness among our ancestors. One thing must be made certain in these dark times to balance this fact, and it is that honor no longer exists among the ranks of tyranny. All that remains is the illusion of legitimate service to cloak the tyrant's cudgel and the plutocrat's whip.

We venerate not the stones erected in the shape of men, but the purpose that gave way to their construction. We uphold the truth that behind the granite visage lays the memory of an American who died with steadfast belief that he did so for his nation.

Our cause, our nation's true cause, demands virtue and thoughtfulness from its compassionate adherents. These qualities that turn simple man into a revolutionary flame to be hoisted high among the pages of history are presently just as within reach as they were to the men whose faces can now only be seen in tarnished stone. Changes of our lifetime have only altered the source to which we must reach to find them.

No longer among the ranks of the state is any honor given. No history will remember the names of the legions of petty tyrants meting out the whims of despots for a paycheck. These virtues of service and sacrifice can now only be found in opposition to the government which has robbed our nation of purpose and attempted to bar us from our destiny.