Liberty and Solidarity

Liberty and Solidarity

Activists completed a tour across five European nations in November of 2019. Members of foreign nationalist organizations were greeted and mutual information exchanged on the comparable elements of our national causes. The activists participated in marches celebrating independence in several nations, and a variety of other activism throughout the continent.

Patriotism, at its core, contains a deep reverence for national sovereignty. So deep is this component rooted that it does not cease to stretch beyond our own nation's limits of homogeneity. This respect applies in a universal context, and lends legitimacy to the virtuous causes of all those seeking national sovereignty and collective liberty. Whereas conquest and dissolution is the credo of the new age's financial imperialism, sovereign respect and nationalistic solidarity form a pillar upholding the people's cause.

Peace and prosperity can only come to America if the forces denying it are overcome. Internationalism, imperialism, and cultural commodification bring about the most despicable forms of tyranny wherein the native peoples of a land are seen as less of a cherished cornerstone of governmental legitimacy, and more of an obstacle in the way of an endless pursuit of materialistic conquest.

A world of nation states bearing the fruits of their national causes is more peaceful and prosperous than a world of degenerating and ever-at-odds international states which exist solely to fulfill the glorified practice of resource laundering at the expense of the humanity of their constituency.

This effort comes with the knowledge that the patriot's cause is unique to each nation, and none but our own can make our revolutionary tradition manifest as it must be. Struggles to shatter the shackles of internationalism must be waged in each nation as their own, yet the opponent in tyranny will always be the same. Each embattled people raises their own banner to conquer the perennial enemies of the nation and the spirit.

The patriot's ideals must always rise out of his nation, and never in spite of it. The responsibility to reclaim the sovereignty and liberty of America can only come alongside the strength to free the nation from its current turmoil.