Unity in Action

Unity in Action

There is no future in the unjust union between a subjugator state and a subjugated nation. No rightful law can be passed through a system so fully and absolutely rotten. No amends can be made so long as tyranny reigns. Every attempt will be made to coax and ease America into a premature grave, and Americans must respond with the same revolutionary passion that made them a nation.

Millions of lives have been lessened, and tens of thousands more extinguished by the barbaric, and inhumanly cruel actions of the international state. No end to this social slaughter will come into view until the shackles are broken. We pledge no terms with tyrants, who will only offer lighter chains around the necks of the nation's faithful. The powerful and evil have already declared war on the very existence of nations. The diminution of the very notion of sovereignty is owed to their hands. Any step back from the principles of national independence made from this point onward insult the freshly interred bodies of every countryman whose life has been cut short by this degraded order.

All under the yoke of the international state are fed a lie of liberty. The choices laid out in the contemporary democracy are at best an illusion, and at worst a devious deception. What we bear witness to is the freedom of misinformed masses to choose what has already been chosen for them. The so called liberty is to decide the color of the boot on the neck of America, or which foreign tongue will be spoken by the next caravan of rampaging invaders. This is no freedom worth the name. This is slavery with a greater complexity. This nation found birth in the storm of revolution against the monarchies of the old world, and the same forces of despotism with the lingering vices of the corrupt have reemerged under new guise to rob Americans of their right to exist at all.

It is not mere coincidence that our nation must be targeted so singularly for dissolution. It is because within the American Spirit lies the flame which can rekindle the passion for a great and ferocious collective liberty which must rage again as an inferno in the minds of patriots. No article of wealth or item of property is so valuable that it can be clung to at the expense of sovereignty. If the comforts of the transitory are held above the perennial ideals of nationhood, our posterity will curse us with the last gasp of America's voice, and rightly so. Life is valuable because it is an opportunity, and given the immense opportunity of our age, bold actions are the only justified response to bold circumstances.

So there is nothing left to do but enact a brave resistance. Not for any reasoning which could be called complex by a modest standard, but for the most basic truth that evil cannot reign unopposed. The methods of this resistance are of lesser importance than the motives from which they are drawn from and rely. This fight is a great battle waged on a spiritual plane, with means far outside the traditional. Territory is not measured in swathes of soil, but in the hearts of men.

No man with sanity or integrity can justly claim that the current order is built upon honest foundations. That it is a towering monument to the excesses of man is undeniable. No one can say that immense change is not barreling over the horizon, ready to break open the gates of the new world. The only contest of our generation is where this change will lead, not whether or not it will arrive. We choose to conquer this great opportunity of vast change, and wrestle our destiny from the jaws of tyrants.