San Antonio Outreach

San Antonio Outreach

Patriot Front activists arrived at a staging location within walking distance of San Antonio’s river walk. Our mission was simple: walk the length of the river, occupy both mental and physical space, and hand out fliers to the pedestrians enjoying the holidays with their families. Our activists were greeted warmly by those Americans out and about that day, and servicemen from a local military base were particularly likely to wave and say hello.

Once activists arrived at the river walk, the group split into two teams and distributed descriptive material between them for maximum outreach. One team traveled along the east side of the river and the other stayed on the west side. Each team gave out several dozen flyers to passersby, with mixed reactions at times, but no outward hostility to the activists themselves.

After the speech, delivered with brevity in mind, chants of “Blood And Soil” and “America First” echoed through the adjacent streets.

Once the length of the river was walked, activists started to head towards the Alamo. At around 7 p.m. activists staged in front of the Alamo, and began to unveil flags and banners. Roughly 100-150 tourists and locals dotted the sidewalks and paths in front of the Alamo, and many gathered around to hear the message. There was an immediate reaction by police nearby, with vague commands meant to harass the activists and disrupt the demonstration which took place on public property. However, the effort carried on unhindered.

A speech was given to all within earshot, as the locals and tourists that were gathered around were very intrigued by what was said. Foreigners gawked and volleyed vulgarities and insults at the activists, but did not engage in any other, meaningful way. After the speech, delivered with brevity in mind, chants of “Blood And Soil” and “America First” echoed through the adjacent streets.

The goal of direct public outreach without molestation by political opposition or the dishonest press was met.

San Antonio is notable for the extensive demographic changes it has undergone due to the negligence of the government to protect the right to self determination of its citizens. Aside from foreigners occupying a majority of the population, at San Antonio’s heart rests the Alamo, which stood as the final resting place for hundreds of Americans seeking to defend their right to freedom from foreign governance. This symbolic last stand conveyed a message to foreign powers that the American Spirit could not be broken so easily.