February 17, 2018
Activism and Brotherhood
The Patriot understands that brotherhood is something earned, and never given. Brotherhood is earned through struggle and strife. It is molded in the hearts of the Americans who would proudly stand for the principles of duty, responsibility, and unity in the cities of our occupied nation. Brotherhood is something that cannot be achieved without physical and public action, or fully comprehended by those not willing to put their neck on the line for a greater good. Our ancestors, the great Americans who tamed this wild land, understood this. The Patriots that died at Concord Bridge, to fight against the tyranny of a king, perished within arm’s reach of those they would call “brother”. They fought not for material gain, or because of the ease which they anticipated victory would come, but to achieve something greater for themselves and their posterity. Their communal sacrifice, and sense of justice led them to strive for something beyond a life of servitude and indignity, uniting them as brothers in the face of a force that denied them their right to determine their future. They fought because, after all the world had granted them, they dared to demand something more from the future. Those of us that belong to a generation tasked with revolution or death always carry with us the guiding light of our forebears which may serve as inspiration to fight onwards in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Every day that our Patriots commit to action, they become more of a cohesive unit. Every time they train in martial combat with their brothers, they are hardening themselves and each other into a weapon to be used against those who would see America in ruin. We are at a pivotal point in our nation’s history. Wherever you stand, whatever you believe, there is no denying this. Whether we succeed or fail, we will be judged by our future generations for what we accomplished. We will not allow our posterity to inherit a lifetime of struggle because we were too tepid to take a stand.
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February 10, 2018
Vermont Flash Demonstration
Patriot Front activists arrived at an undisclosed location to prepare for the demonstration outside Burlington, Vermont’s City Hall. On their way towards their objective, the activists noticed a variety of the anti-American assemblers that, upon realizing their rally was anchored in a shopping center’s parking lot, were smart enough to think the patriots might be arriving elsewhere.The activists arrived at a street corner adjacent the city hall, the town’s defacto public square, and began to unfurl their banner as one activist spoke of America’s degraded state, and a future of action and revival by means of a revolutionary awakening of the American spirit. The activists brought their flash demonstration to a close by chanting “Blood And Soil,” and “America First,”. Some of the locals present in nearby shops and stores were too bewildered, and shocked at the sight of proud Americans expressing an adoration for their land and people, and the prominence of their nation in their hearts, to react in any way that would hinder our activist’s ability to assemble.Arriving in another nearby town, across Lake Champlain, the activists assembled on the steps of Plattsburgh, New York’s city hall. A banner was unfurled, and flags were pulled taut by the gusts of wind as a similar speech was given to pedestrians. The blaring of horns from cars driving in front of the city hall expressed support.In spite of the best efforts of the town’s local Liberals to enforce the declining status quo by any means convenient, the activists were able to spread their message uncontested. The small demonstration boasted an amplified message it would not have reached if not for the help of the local fake news outlets.
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February 3, 2018
Washington D.C. Demonstration
Patriot Front activists arrived on the scene half a mile away from the Lincoln Memorial and proceeded towards the area. After arriving in front of the memorial, activists split into two parallel groups and walked down each side of the reflecting pool handing out flyers and other informational material to pedestrians. One of the groups of activists stopped by the Vietnam War Memorial to lay flowers in remembrance of the Americans who fought and died at the behest of hawkish politicians. An activist whose father fought in the conflict was chosen to lay the flowers. The two groups then proceeded down either side of the reflecting pool, handing out more flyers and receiving interest from passersby. A group of servicemen that crossed paths with the activists notably approached and asked for some of the flyers.After the length of the pool had been walked, activists laid flowers at the World War II memorial to show that no one who fights, and believes in his nation, will be forgotten. The activists then regrouped and walked back to the Lincoln Memorial, where they staged on the steps and gave a quick speech, followed by several chants. Apart from the occasional Leftist physically expressing dismay at the concept of Americans organizing against their replacement, the activists were free to demonstrate and spread the message unopposed and unmolested.
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January 27, 2018
Whoever Keeps The Machines Running
The leaders this nation finds itself currently subject to hardly stand to be worthy of the title. There was a time in the great and rich history of America in which those appointed to the State, chosen by the will of the people, were half leader and half servant. This time has long since been in the faded memories of the American people, and the gradual silencing of its echos has had near-terminal effects on the American Spirit. Those at the helm of the nation neither carry themselves with the strength to lead, nor the duty to serve those downstream from their choices. Their interests have drifted far, far from the well-being of their constituents and towards the status of their moneyed investors and corporate backers. The people, in the eyes of their State officials, have become less and less beings bound by a national spirit, and the will to live and thrive as a collective, and more units of economic productivity. These units live and die by the statistics that determine their worth to society’s dehumanized machine of governance. After all, the purpose of culture, heritage, and spirit is utterly lost to those whose only judgement of such things is based in their ability to add figures to a bank account. When the American people were reduced to digits in a quarterly profit margin, or mere lines of code streaming through the computing systems of banking oligarchs, the justification to rob them of all self-determination began to metastasize. After all, the purpose of culture, heritage, and spirit is utterly lost to those whose only judgement of such things is based in their ability to add figures to a bank account. The greatest boon to these global interests, hellbent on creating a subservient underclass of consumers whose very potential to know any better has been systematically conditioned out of them, has been the introduction of foreign interests in American society. When the goal of civilization is to simply keep the machinations of global finance afloat, reducing tens of millions to a grey paste to lubricate the cogs of progress is to be expected. Where once an American was defined by the blood in his veins and the soil at his feet, the government now defines Americans as little more than the recipients of their trademarked morsel of vapid, artificial identity. Let there be no greater example, however, of where the laws of governments and men exist in defiance of those of nature and science, and thus are rendered invalid by the passing of time, and the failure of any system they are applied to. Revolutionary ideals often come in the form of near-forgotten traditions whose echos have all but grown silent in the spirit of a people. The America defined by documents and transactions will find itself at the mercy of the America defined by a families, communities, and nationhood.
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January 14, 2018
Chicago Day of Action
The structure is a reminder of when inhabitants of our greater civilization sought cooperation and progress while remembering their roots and predecessors. Patriot Front activists arrived at a gathering point within walking distance of the site of the planned banner drop, and set out to prepare the 60 foot long canvas for unveiling. After all preparations were met, the banner proudly proclaimed “Keep America American” to all the drivers and pedestrians below. As activists waved flags above, a reasonable amount of car horns were heard in support of the message. From there, activists traveled to the site of the Balbo Monument, a gift to the United States by Italy in 1933 to commemorate General Italo Balbo's transAtlantic flight to Chicago for the Century of Progress World’s fair. Atop the monument stands a 2,000 year old Roman pillar. The structure is a reminder of when inhabitants of our greater civilization sought cooperation and progress while remembering their roots and predecessors.The monument has been targeted by those who would reconstruct reality itself to fit a decisively anti-American political narrative. A demonstration was held in front of the monument to advocate for its existence.Then the activists traveled to a nearby pro-Life march happening in downtown Chicago. Outside of some minor issues with detractors making appeals to police officers to remove those whose views they found offensive, activists managed to carry out considerable outreach to the marchers involved. Many seemed interested in the message, and somewhere between 300 and 400 pages of descriptive material were given out to rally goers.
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