Our new politics are made of people, and not policies

During February, March and April Patriot Front members were able to lend aid to several communities facing a multitude of natural and manmade disasters. Tornadoes devastated towns in Mississippi and Arkansas, and the results of a massive chemical spill left many without access to clean water in Ohio.

In all these instances, activists saw the destruction taking place in news reports, and wasted no time in mobilizing men, tools and the necessary time to make an impact for affected Americans in the radius of calamity. Our new politics are made of people, and not policies. Because this is the case, the help we lend to our people to recover from disaster is, in and of itself, a statement of our political ideals.

In East Palestine, Ohio activists were able to deliver trucks full of water and other assorted necessities. Members worked with locals to distribute the supplies and bring awareness to the plight of those living in the areas affected by the disaster.

In northwest Mississippi, activists used chainsaws to clear fallen trees from homes, roads, and walkways. At the same time, other members spread tarps over damaged roofs so that the affected homes would be safe from water damage coming from future storms.

In central Arkansas, activists repaired homes themselves. Members tore out broken drywall and debris from homes so that structural repairs and replacements could be made.

What we do for our people is never, and will never be enough.

These efforts benefit those of our people most in need in a time of great uncertainty, but their positive effects do not end there. The arduous labor and aspects of this work encourages young men to learn new skills, and maintain high levels of fitness to be valuable in these times of need. These works allow the Front to hold true to its promise to transform the lives of Americans, not just in the future, but in the present as well.

It is important that the national youth provides an alternative to reliance on the government and profiteers in times of turmoil. America should be a vast national community replete with the vitality and youth -- the spirit of motion to seek hardship for its own sake -- to render any disaster a mere inconvenience. The activists ask no payment, and take none. Gratitude, and sustenance for the day are all more than enough for men whose ideals of a better future drive their every effort.

It is important for those viewing these actions to remember that their documentation is not to garner fame or affection. The Front showcases these works as an example -- a call to action -- for any who proclaim to stand for their people. What we do for our people is never, and will never be enough. We must always seek to give more, to work harder, to offer greater stability and prosperity to our countrymen. He who wishes to stand against anything that threatens the lives of Americans should take action and join the ranks of those most effective in countering all dangers, with the greatest ideals to restore the protections of liberty and sovereignty in our homeland.