The Failures of Democracy

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The democratic system is held to such astronomically high standards in contemporary society that it is near-synonymous to say that something is both bad as well as “a threat to our democracy.” With a new, existential threat to “our” democracy being paraded through the public discourse by the lying media every week, the truest threat […]

America a Nation

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A crude, obstructive misunderstanding of the nation permeates political and philosophical discussion in America. This fundamental misunderstanding likely boasts no small function in the ongoing loss of sovereignty experienced by the American people. A nation needs a people that belong to it in order to exist, but they alone do not a nation make. Instead […]

Activism and Brotherhood

Posted Posted in Direction The Patriot understands that brotherhood is something earned, and never given. Brotherhood is earned through struggle and strife. It is molded in the hearts of the Americans who would proudly stand for the principles of duty, responsibility, and unity in the cities of our occupied nation. Brotherhood is something that cannot be achieved without […]

Whoever Keeps The Machines Running

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The leaders this nation finds itself currently subject to hardly stand to be worthy of the title. There was a time in the great and rich history of America in which those appointed to the State, chosen by the will of the people, were half leader and half servant. This time has long since been […]

A Worthy Endeavor

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Americans are facing the greatest calamity their nation has ever seen straight on, and with the barrel of the gun positioned firmly between their eyes and the tendrils of global finance ready to pull the trigger, they yet remain unaware of the gravity of their situation. Americans know something is wrong. There is a voice […]