Borders and Nations

Posted Posted in Action Activists visited the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington to show their support for the actions taken by Immigration and Customs Enforcement to secure America’s sovereignty by sustaining and creating border security. While the work done by the section of government is worthy of some level of praise, it must be noted that the […]

In Remembrance of Liberty

Posted Posted in Action A ctivists demonstrated at the United States Navy Memorial in Washington D.C. on the 51st anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty by the State of Israel. The attack occurred on the 8th of June, in 1967. Wave after wave of Israeli fighter jets, and a fusillade of torpedoes from Israeli boats left […]

In The News

Posted Posted in Action The figureheads in the media continue to spew their incessant hatred towards Americans who refuse to accept a future without national sovereignty. Meaningless slurs pour forth as they seek to reinforce the status quo. However, they choose to do nothing to stop the corruption of the American government, the vulnerability of its borders, or […]

Vermont Flash Demonstration

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Patriot Front activists arrived at an undisclosed location to prepare for the demonstration outside Burlington, Vermont’s City Hall. On their way towards their objective, the activists noticed a variety of the anti-American assemblers that, upon realizing their rally was anchored in a shopping center’s parking lot, were smart enough to think the patriots might be […]

Washington D.C. Demonstration

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Patriot Front activists arrived on the scene half a mile away from the Lincoln Memorial and proceeded towards the area. After arriving in front of the memorial, activists split into two parallel groups and walked down each side of the reflecting pool handing out flyers and other informational material to pedestrians. One of the groups […]