Protect Our Posterity

Posted Posted in Action Activists attended Pro Life rallies in Chicago, Illinois and Washington D.C. to promote the protection of our nation’s greatest strength, its families. With banners, flags, and flyers they greeted those who would wish to see an American posterity inherit a better world. The activists were the recipients of a notable amount of support at […]

National Demonstration

Posted Posted in Action Activists demonstrated across Washington D.C. in support of national sovereignty, and in opposition to a corrupt government which denies the rightful inheritance of the nation a future. We stand resolute in our task to reassert the spirit that brought the people of our nation from colonial subjects to components of the greatest nation to […]

Veterans of Fruitless Wars

Posted Posted in Action   From America’s founding onward, history has been driven by the brave and courageous, willing to sacrifice everything in pursuit of a brighter future for their posterity. Today is the day to remember these brave Americans, and resent those who continue to send them to die for any cause but the cause of the […]

Occupying The Occupants

Posted Posted in Action Activists confronted assorted enemies of the nation which had created a makeshift campsite outside of an ICE detention facility to impede the efforts of officers seeking to process and deport criminal aliens from the country. It is no surprise that one of the few wings of government left that provide tangible benefit to the […]

Patriotic Renovation

Posted Posted in Action Activists altered the message of a billboard in Tacoma, Washington. The sign was erected in response to the continued push for national sovereignty by activists both in Washington and nationwide. The billboard’s original message stood as a vulgar attack on freedom of speech, and ultimately suggested that Americans side with criminal invaders over patriots, […]